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A New Breakthrough Model of Customer Experience – Quantum Customer Centricity™


Everyone is talking about the importance of customer centricity. But they should be actioning quantum customer centricity! Many people think that customer centricity is the same as customer experience. But there is a big difference between talking about putting the customer first and doing so.

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Customer journey map: The key to understanding your customer


Creating a customer journey map can help you and your company visualize how customers feel at all brand touchpoints so you can avoid potential issues ahead of time, increase customer retention, and discover key information to make the best decisions for your business. Where do I start with my customer journey map?


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The Pitfalls of Groupthink in Customer Experience Journey Mapping

Win the Customer

Like any strategic initiative, customer journey mapping is not without its challenges. In the ever-evolving landscape of customer-centric business models, the importance of mapping out the customer experience journey cannot be overstated.

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The Critical Steps to Ensure Your Program Is Not Seen As Something Soft and Fluffy

Beyond Philosophy

Anna wants to operationalize journey mapping to make their Customer Experience more customer centric. In this episode, we discuss Anna’s business pickle and how she can leverage what she learns in journey mapping to improve her organization’s customer strategy. But it isn’t.

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Defining the Stages of the Customer Journey Map: Tying It All Together

Education Services Group

So…quick question: What is a customer journey map? A customer journey map can be many things. Organizations that leverage them wisely use them as step-by-step guides for customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle. need a customer journey map?

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A Definitive Guide on the Customer Journey Map for Call Centres

Select VoiceCom Blog

According to research, 73% of companies that provide an above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors. Likewise, 60% of customer-centric companies are more profitable than those that don’t focus on customers. Curious to know what a customer journey map is?

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Amazing Business Radio: Annette Franz


It’s All About The Customer. Using Journey Mapping to Put the Customer Back into the Customer Experience (CX). Annette Franz returns to Amazing Business Radio to discuss becoming more customer-centric, how to understand your ideal customer, and journey mapping. . .