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The New Essential Business Skill: Storytelling

Beyond Philosophy

Branding agencies and consultants are embracing the notion that storytelling creates an authentic connection with your customers. As a customer experience consultant, I think this is good. Disney has built its entire brand on engaging its customers through stories. How Storytelling Creates Engaged Employees.

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5 Things You Can’t Forget about CX During the Vacation Season

Beyond Philosophy

As Customer Experience Consultants, we hear our clients worry about how much their Customer Experience program improvements will cost. By making it entertaining while you deliver the usual safety demo, you surprise your Customers, and except the rare curmudgeon, you make them laugh. Happy employees make happy vacationers.


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1-2-3 Engagement is the Key

Call Center Weekly

In fact, they have been helpful in shaping (and changing) my opinion on things, that I once was reluctant to entertain. Provide meaningful feedback One of the best ways to keep employees engaged is through feedback. And that is what engagement all about. These "projects" have become quite successful over the years.

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The Business Case for Making Contact Center Applications Standard Employee Productivity Tools

DMG Consulting

A surprisingly high percentage of employees who do not work in a contact center or customer service, sales, or marketing department dedicate more than 40 percent of their time to helping customers. The post The Business Case for Making Contact Center Applications Standard Employee Productivity Tools appeared first on DMG Consulting.

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Employees are ‘Less Engaged’ says New European Survey

CSM Magazine

The latest results of the Net Happiness Score survey of the MSPA (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) Europe of 43,775 stores show a decline in the quality of employee engagement, with an average score of 31%, compared to 34% last quarter.

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Episode #5 – Internal Podcasts at Work

Russel Lolacher

We discuss how internal podcasts can been interesting tool for employee engagement and supporting workplace culture. So he’s the host of his own podcast called the social strategy, podcast, consultants, Speaker all around adorable guy, and you should check out his, you know, bow ties. It’s a good book, if I hit that.

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Guest Post: How to Run Your Business Exclusively in the Cloud

Natalie Petouhof

As podcasts grow in popularity, they represent untapped opportunity to market to new audiences who are looking for business advice, insights and non-traditional entertainment. But, unlike employees who physically work in the office, virtual employers tend to miss out on the social aspects that a traditional workplace affords.