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AI Call Center Technology Revolutionizing Customer Support


These abilities provide call centers with tremendous opportunities to improve customer support. It can direct the agent to each step required to resolve the customer’s pain point. This agent might be better suited for product knowledge or customer complaint resolutions.

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Everything You Need to Know About Casino Customer Support

CSM Magazine

Customer support is a vital part of any online business, especially casinos! Here’s all you need to know about casino customer support. Customer support agents are the unsung heroes of the online world. What Does A Customer Support Agent Do? General complaint resolution.


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4 Customer Support Myths to Avoid

Return Customer

These are the facts that led brands to become more conscious about their customer support practices. That said, in trying to revamp their policies many brands lean into myths that make no business sense nor bring any customer satisfaction: 1. The Great Myth: The Customer is Always Right.

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Top 9 Customer Service Blogs to read in 2022


A roundup of the best customer service articles from 2022—to help you learn something new, revisit long-standing topics, or simply enjoy. Achieving stellar customer support is a moving target, involving a mix of strategy, processes, policies, analytics, and even a little art. 2022’s top customer service blogs.

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What are the Core Benefits of a Help Desk Software?

Wowdesk Blog

All modern businesses today are being customer-centric; they look for reliable tech solutions to address their customer concerns and offer them a delightful experience. . Wowdesk, a modern Zendesk alternative helps you provide the best customer support and meet their concerns timely and efficiently. .

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Guest Blog: 5 Ways To Leverage Technology For A Better Customer Experience


By using social accounts for addressing all kinds of customer queries, companies are expanding their customer experience strategy. . CRM tools are increasingly incorporating social media into their customer support modules. They are useful when the customer service team is not available.

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7 Tips for Handling Customer Complaints with Ease


Handling customer complaints is always challenging for customer support managers. There is nothing sexy about business owners having to handle customer complaints but resolving complaints is an inevitable part of running a business.