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QA and Coaching for Experienced Agents

Contact Center Pipeline

If you have ever attempted to coach a contact center agent with 10-plus years of experience, then you already know that it is a very different scenario than coaching someone with two to three years of experience.

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Questions That Increase Coaching Effectiveness

Integrity Solutions

They are the key to employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. It would follow, then, that increasing coaching effectiveness is one (major) tool in the toolbox to help solve these problems. Why does a coaching culture matter? It’s one of the cardinal rules of effective coaching: Listen more than you speak.


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6 Ways to Translate Company Values into Employee Engagement


High-performing organizations spend time creating company values that link employee engagement to broader customer experience strategies and the company’s overall success. Below we address specific ways to ensure your culture, strategy and behaviors link employee engagement to your organization’s overall success. .

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GUEST POST: Keeping Employees Engaged and Empowered


We think employee engagement and empowerment go a long way in making that happen. The feedback from contact center staff in the COPC US Employee Engagement Research Report supports that notion. . From recruitment to retirement, we do everything we can to keep our employees engaged and empowered at Harte Hanks.

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Best Practices for Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

Speaker: Dave Hoekstra, Calabrio

The benefits of a strong quality assurance program stretch far beyond the walls of the contact center, but in recent times of remote working, you may be struggling to assess agent performance and keep employees engaged. How can I make coaching as effective when not in person? How can I make conversations personal over video?

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Boost Employee Engagement by Creating a Coaching Culture Where your Agents Thrive


The post Boost Employee Engagement by Creating a Coaching Culture Where your Agents Thrive appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software. Agents are calling out to you, escalating calls with upset customers who will only speak with the manager. Some days it seems like your agents can’t.

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Customer Service Coaching: How to Develop, Motivate and Retain Your Employees

CSM Magazine

They leave because their managers and supervisors are not coaching, nurturing, recognizing, or motivating them. Fifty percent of responders in a Gallup Employee Engagement Survey of employees in the United States said that, at some point in their careers, they have left to get away from their managers.

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Top Techniques for Coaching Your Contact Center Agents

Speaker: Francoise Tourniaire - Founder of FT Works, Omid Razavi - Chief Advocacy Officer at SupportLogic, and Gregory Walker - Senior Product Manager at SupportLogic

Couple that with a potentially volatile economy and it's clear that organizations must invest in innovative approaches if they want employees who are engaged and informed enough to significantly improve the customer experience and eliminate the high costs associated with agent attrition. How proper coaching can reduce agent burnout.

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The Number One Factor in Your Contact Center’s Success

Speaker: Jim Rembach, President of Call Center Coach

Join us for this insightful webinar with Jim Rembach, President at Call Center Coach, and learn about the one fundamental shift that will drastically improve your contact center's success and open you up to a whole new world of possibilities! You will also learn: The single most profound finding ever on employee engagement.