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Top Ten Customer Service and Customer Experience Predictions for 2023


Our customer service research revealed that 87% of Baby Boomers, who make up over 21% of the U.S. And just as Boomers are driving the traditional phone channels, Gen-Z and Millennials are moving the needle on these self-service options. . population, prefer the phone any other channel. Follow on Twitter: @Hyken.

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Industry Report: State of the Contact Center 2023


We consulted nine industry experts to tell us all about it – and discuss the state of the contact center in 2023. The rise of artificial intelligence and its impact on self-service was a huge topic of interest. Chatbots Chatbots are the first AI tool many contact centers try. Customers love it.


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Hot Off the Press: The Chatbot Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Creative Virtual

Chatbots and conversational AI have been gaining acceptance as essential pieces of successful customer service and employee support strategies. If your organisation doesn’t have at least one of these solutions already, it’s likely you are planning to deploy one soon or are exploring the possibility of adding one to your 2023 strategy.

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Chatbots: Empowering Customer Service Amid Turbulent Times


Chatbots are fast becoming part of the digital core of tech tools that companies utilize as a secret weapon to increase their competitive advantage in the customer service arena. What Are Chatbots Chatbots are a chat software tool that mimic human conversation to efficiently perform routine tasks. Where are you located?

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Chatbot: Complete Guide


Chatbots have become a success around the world, and nowadays are used by 58% of B2B companies and 42% of B2C companies. In 2022 at least 88% of users had one conversation with chatbots. There are many reasons for that, a chatbot is able to simulate human interaction and provide customer service 24h a day.

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AI is the Future of Customer Service and CX with Mario Matulich


Top Takeaways: There has been significant progress in artificial intelligence (AI), like chatbots and ChatGPT capabilities. Generative AI and other forms of self-service provide a win-win solution for organizations and customers. ” “Generative AI not only plays a major role in self-service for customers.

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CX Trends to Watch for in 2023

Real Blue Sky

As we move into 2023, reflecting upon the last few years is essential. These years have helped shape the CX trends you can anticipate for 2023 and beyond. These years have helped shape the CX trends you can anticipate for 2023 and beyond. More Self-Service Features. Having a sudden craving for Krispy Kreme?