From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service


Customer self-service refers to customer-initiated interaction technologies that enable customers to access information and perform routine tasks without requiring the assistance of a live customer service representative. You may not realize it, but every time you change your password, track a package, or pay a bill without calling the company for assistance, you are performing a self-service task. Drivers for customer self-service.

New KPI Metrics in the Era of Self Service


Once upon a time, measuring customer service success was straightforward. Hire some agents, train them, and use standard contact center KPIs to measure how well they perform. Modern contact centers are made up of a complex combination of humans and virtual assistants – using both natural and artificial intelligence – operating over multiple channels and using a wide range of tools to solve customers’ issues. New Self Service KPI Metrics.


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Call Deflection strategies in the age of self-service


Call deflection is the process of routing a customer enquiry to an alternative service channel. The goal is both to ensure customers receive the answers they are seeking in the most efficient manner and to reduce the number of inbound calls routed to human agents. For that reason, successful call deflection strategies allow enquiries to be deflected to self-service channels such as FAQs, live chat, community forums, knowledge center databases and virtual agents.

From Skeptic to Believer: The Choice Hotels Story on AI-powered Virtual Agents for Voice


Earlier this month, Choice Hotels, the 2nd largest hotel franchiser in the world with more than 7,000 locations, took the stage for the virtual Customer Response Summit hosted by Execs In The Know. Director of Customer Care Strategy and Pauline Aponte, WFM.

Step 1 of 5: AI Self-Service Without Compromise – Identifying the Perfect Fit


Gartner predicts that customers soon will prefer using speech-driven interfaces to other forms of self-service when given a choice. This combination has led to the growing adoption of AI-powered virtual agents to automate conversations traditionally handled by live agents. This is the first of a five-part blog series that outlines the Five Best Practices for AI Self-Service Without Compromise. Automate More with Virtual Agents.

Video (Part 2): Frost & Sullivan Discusses the Cognitive Abilities of AI-Powered Virtual Agents


AI-powered virtual agents present significant potential to improve the customer experience (CX) in the contact center. The advantages of automating more customer care-related processes are real and it’s important to understand why these new AI-powered options are superior to the traditional automation that most contact centers offer. Automate More with AI-Powered Virtual Agents. This type of predictive prompting exudes customer-centricity.

Delivering Self-Service During the COVID-19 Uncertainty, Part 1: Supporting Customers

Creative Virtual

Organisations are now under immense pressure to deliver quality service and support over digital channels. This includes the need to answer coronavirus-related questions as well as the usual queries about products, services, policies and procedures. By Chris Ezekiel, Founder & CEO.

DMG Consulting Releases 2018 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report

DMG Consulting

DMG Consulting Releases 2018 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report. State of the art self-service and compelling benefits that transcend verticals. Who: DMG Consulting LLC, a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services. What: Releases 2018 Intelligent Virtual Agent Product and Market Report.

Taking a Platform Approach to Conversational AI Brings Simplicity and Speed to Digital Transformation

Waterfield Technologies

The current, global challenges in managing the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many customer care organizations to transition to a remote workforce while, at the same time, experiencing significant increases in […].

SmartAction Names Former Convergys CEO, David Dougherty, to Board of Directors


The former Convergys Chief Executive Officer becomes the latest addition to SmartAction’s Board of Directors to assist in the growth of its top-rated AI-powered virtual agent solution for contact centers. El Segundo, CA – Feb 22, 2019 – SmartAction, the top-rated AI-powered virtual agent solution for contact centers, today announced the appointment of David Dougherty to its Board of Directors. I don’t want to wait on hold to talk to a person, and neither do customers.

Helping Financial Organisations Deliver 24/7 Customer Support: Part 1

Creative Virtual

At Creative Virtual, we monitor our deployments continuously, and our tools are very sensitive to quick changes. We can always clearly see social patterns and trends being reflected in the usage of our virtual agents. By Laura Ludmany, Knowledgebase Engineer.

The New Super-Agent


However, this does not mean that agents will totally disappear from contact centers. On the contrary, the importance of the human touch will become more prominent going forward because an over-reliance on technology can negatively impact the customer experience.

Consumer Behavior is Changing, and it’s AI’s time to Shine


From conducting more business over video meetings, to doing more shopping via apps and over the phone, people’s behavior and perspective of virtual interactions has changed for good over the past few months. So, be transparent and let your customers know who they are dealing with up front. .

Hold times are unacceptable – now more than ever


Naturally, I picked up the phone and dialed their 800 number to schedule my delivery, only to be put on hold for over 25 minutes before speaking to an agent. Increased sales also means increased support, service, and care requests. Virtual Agents can help.

Cisco Receives 2020 Contact Center Technology Award from CUSTOMER Magazine

Cisco - Contact Center

Cisco Webex Contact Center CCaaS honored for improving customer service technology and customer experience. I’m excited to announce that Webex Contact Center was among the 2020 Contact Center Technology Award winners, presented by CUSTOMER Magazine this month.

Lifesize CxEngage + Omilia: Evolving the Customer Experience Through Impactful AI


The contact center certainly isn’t spared, and no one has time to be concerned with buzzwords that don’t deliver on their promise, particularly in the midst of a continued global pandemic where customer service and demands have never been more spotlighted on center stage.

DMG Consulting Releases 2020 – 2021 Digital Customer Service Product and Market Report

DMG Consulting

DMG Consulting Releases 2020 – 2021 Digital Customer Service Product and Market Report. Digital-first servicing drives improved CX and brand engagement. What: Releases 2020 – 2021 Digital Customer Service Product and Market Report.

Changing Digital Expectations and CX Trends in 2020

Creative Virtual

As with many other aspects of life and business, customer experience trends and expectations have been greatly impacted by the global health crisis this year. 52% believe customers are more willing than ever to switch brands if unsatisfied. By Mandy Reed, Global Head of Marketing.

The Power of Voice for Utility Providers


Power Utilities expert Andrew Heath believes senior utility execs are fast realizing focusing on customer engagement is no longer a “nice-to-have” but is instead a must-have, especially across digital channels. Companies spend the large majority of their customer service on voice.

Redefining your CX strategy: The COVID-19 Effect


Businesses are gearing towards opening up while maintaining the safety and security of their employees as well as the customers. So how can businesses redefine their customer experience or customer service strategy to fit this world? Reimagining Customer Service Strategy.

DMG Consulting Releases 2020 – 2021 Interaction Analytics Product and Market Report

DMG Consulting

IA proves essential during COVID-19 for customer insights and employee oversight. Who: DMG Consulting LLC, a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services.

DMG Consulting Releases 2019 – 2020 Workforce Management Product and Market Report

DMG Consulting

Who: DMG Consulting LLC, a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services. Background: DMG Consulting LLC , a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services, today released its. Flex scheduling, agent self-service and adaptive real-time scheduling are the new standard of WFM.

How to Improve Contact Center Optimization with Customer Journeys


According to Forbes, poor customer service is costing businesses more than $75 billion a year. But many contact center leaders struggle to achieve these outcomes while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction. Contact centers are now considered more than just service centers. Enterprises expect contact center leaders to transform call centers into customer experience hubs, delivering the exceptional experiences that customers demand and drive long-term growth.

Creating a Better Experience for Indian Customers

Creative Virtual

The Customer Experience Management (CXM) 2019 event that took place in Mumbai on 25th April at the Hilton Hotel turned out to be a wonderful experience for Creative Virtual. The Founder & CEO of Creative Virtual, Chris Ezekiel , and Executive Director India, Shantanu Purandare , participated as representatives of the company. Creative Virtual sponsored the event as the CX Product Leader Partner. By Anand Gupta, Knowledgebase Author.

Contact Center Technologies 2017: find out what 23 experts say


With the rise of technology that allows better customer service, customers are becoming more demanding – that’s why to satisfy and retain them, you need to develop your contact center in accordance with the worldwide trends. self-service. connected customer journeys with 9 channels in most contact centers. Shep Hyken , Customer Service and Experience expert – Donna Peeples , Customer Experience Strategist.

2017 Is Out, 2018 Is In – What Will Customer Service Look Like This Year?


Now that 2017 is out of the picture, what can we expect customer service to look like in 2018? The question isn’t new – after all, customer service is always changing. As each year comes to a close, thought leaders and customer experience experts rush to offer insight on how these changes will manifest themselves in the coming months – and whether nor not they’ll leave a lasting impact on the industry. Customers aren’t the only ones who experience pain points.