Are calibration sessions necessary in an AQM environment?


Do we still need to do calibration sessions? Answer: Analytics-enabled quality management (AQM), which leverages capabilities that include speech, text, and desktop analytics to automatically evaluate up to 100% of customer interactions, enhances, but does not completely eliminate, traditional quality management (QM) processes, including calibration. Calibration is a critical component of a successful AQM program, as it is in a traditional QM process.

Quality and Clarity: Passing and Receiving the Communication Baton

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Communication call center coaching communication contact center QM calibration quality assurance quality monitoringPassing the baton” refers to handing over a particular duty or responsibility to someone, as in a relay race.

Bring Quality Standards to Life with Calibration and Coaching

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Calibration is an important tool for ensuring consistency in interpreting performance. It also makes coaching far easier. It allows the coaching process to focus on achievements and improvement, rather than concerns around whether scores are accurate or fair.

Mystery Call Coaching: Leveraging Measurement to Achieve Improvement

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With QA, coaching and accountability are the diet and exercise. Call Center Agent Coaching ‘The more coaching, the better’ is a mantra we drive home with clients. Coaching touch points are critical to making progress.


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What will coaching do? Modify agent behavior through coaching. Provide the calibration function. This week’s question for your employees – Why do you like being coached? Correct undesirable behaviors. Improve communications skills. Increase productivity. Decrease Employee Turnover. Staff will become more engaged. Result in suggestions to improve procedures. Optimize Contact Center performance. Role of your Supervisors/Team Leaders. Must meet Objectives and KPIs.

101 Call Monitoring Parameters for Quality and Coaching


Good parameters are measurable and clearly defined (something you can test through calibration sessions with management, supervisors, and reps – post on this coming soon). The post 101 Call Monitoring Parameters for Quality and Coaching appeared first on Voxjar. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. That’s why choosing the right call monitoring parameters to track call quality and measure rep performance needs to be a top priority.

Quality Assurance Implementation: In With the New… AND the Old?

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Calibrations Aren’t Just a Chore. It is the supervisors who coach agents that make or break a quality program. Follow up Coaching the Coach sessions (LINK TO TRAINING MODULE) are great refreshers. Calibrations Aren’t Just a Chore.


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Performance Standards (Calibration) Chart. Business Management Business Operations Call Center Operations Call Center Technology Contact Center Operations contact center technology Coaching Company Standards Compliance performance guidelines QA Quality Analysts Quality Assurance Quality Management Quality Monitoring Sikorski's Think AboutsA formal policy should be in place and detail: Performance Guidelines. Tools and Measurements. How reviews and scores will be communicated.

Call Center Quality Assurance Best Practices for Empowering Agents


Effective QA programs actively engage their agents at all stages of the program, including development, roll-out, calibration and continuous improvement. If you already have a QA program, involve agents in calibration sessions and providing feedback to enhance the evaluation form periodically, but no less often than every 6 months. Coach the coaches so your QA specialists and supervisors are comfortable giving feedback to agents and don’t avoid this task.

Tips To Improve Quality Monitoring

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If you know there is a bad interaction, do not choose to play it in a calibration session that is attended by a large group. Take the agent into an individual coaching session to discuss the interaction whether it be a chat, call, or social media contact.

Building Your Best Culture in 2019

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Other Actions: Coach your leaders to use the leadership behaviors you'd like to see, taking care to model how you want them to coach their direct reports.Ask your leaders to emulate the service vision when working with employees. From Jeremy Hyde: How do your leaders calibrate on what they “coach” on and how/when they approach it? If people do abuse it and it’s failing out of balance, they need to be coached up or coached out.

3 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Should Not Replace Quality Assurance

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In a recent quality calibration with a client, we were reviewing a particular interaction where the agent had given an incorrect answer that would likely require the customer to call back. This is one easy way to insert CSAT into your quality calibrations and coaching.

Creating A Customer Service Quality Assurance Form Doesn’t Have To Be Scary (Here’s How)

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My rule of thumb for what else to add to a quality form is: Add to the quality form anything that you want to track so you can coach, train, and monitor improvement over time. At best, you’ll coach agents on a bunch of one-off issues but never see the greater impact of that coaching.

Time to Fire your Training Department?


I was on one of those dreaded calibration calls with an external client — you know, that conference call where you randomly listen to a phone call from a customer and critique how well the representative did. This skill is imparted via coaching and not training. Get better at coaching.

The Three C's For Meaningful Performance Reviews

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When you engage your employees through the narrative of celebrating, calibrating, and cultivating, they will walk out of their review refreshed and ready to attack the new year! CALIBRATE A performance appraisal is not the time for new coaching. You’ve (hopefully) been putting in the hard work of coaching this employee all year. It’s never appropriate to bring up brand new coaching expectations as part of the end of year performance appraisal.

Putting Humanity in Contact Centers

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Think about the evaluation, the calibration, and the coaching. During the Survey Calibration process, those survey results would be moved from Suzie to Johnny where they should be based on the customer’s comments.

The Coming Disruption of the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry – Part 2

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This point and the futility or calibrating a 5 to 6 on a 10-point scale are why most quality programs actually offer no insight into actual quality. Together this makes for an effective quality program, without expensive and time-consuming calibration and ambiguous results.

How Important is Training for Call Center Supervisors & Managers?

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Customer Service Starts With Coaching the Coaches Many times when we think about Call Center Quality Assurance , we focus our attention on the front line agents. We also tend to focus most of the training & coaching in a customer service organization on customer service reps (CSRs).

Call Quality Monitoring Dos and Don’ts


attitude that impedes getting buy-in during coaching sessions. Letting agents listen and score their calls before talking about them, involving them in calibrations, and listening to top performers helps create a collaborative feeling that improves coaching effectiveness.

Call Recording for BPOs and Call Center Outsourcers


Custom coaching agreements commensurate with specific agent performance goals. Calibration tables to standardize service level expectations and measure quality across sites, teams and agents.

4 Reasons Your Quality Management Stinks

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According to the “Best Practices in Quality Monitoring and Coaching” whitepaper by Dr. Jon Anton and Anita Rockwell agents expressed these feelings in regards to a poorly implemented QM process: I am being policed. Alternatively, when QM programs were implemented well agents experienced the following: I respect my coach and appreciate it when she shows me examples of ways to do things better. QM is all about coaching and enhancing behaviors.

Resolving the Riddle of Retention

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This is reflected in lower FCR, longer calls, the need for more coaching and QA resource support, and of course they achieve lower CSAT and NPS scores, costing the organization customers. Improving coaching processes. By: Colin Taylor.

10 Steps to Creating Great Outsourcing Partnerships

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6) Calibrate on quality: You know what your customers need, and your quality system should reflect that knowledge. Calibration calls help keep everyone aligned. Calibration can be done a number of ways. Separate from calibration, the partner should be regularly monitoring each individual for quality, according to your standards. By: Peg Ayers , MBA, CCXP. Outsourcing your Contact Center can be a scary proposition. You feel like you’re losing control.

25 Call Center Leaders Share the Most Effective Ways to Boost Contact Center Efficiency


Make onboarding & ongoing coaching as stellar as possible. James Pollard is a marketing consultant who works specifically with financial advisors over at The Advisor Coach. Continuous coaching and training helps mitigate this risk.

The 3 Whys Behind Yes/No Quality Scoring

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It’s challenging to define a quality customer service interaction but essential if you’re going to deliver any level of consistent service to customers — let alone get agents and supervisors to all understand and agree on the standard ( this is called calibration ).

Call Center Quality

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Often supervisors and/or a quality team may complete the monitors and the coaching. From there, a supervisor or quality team member will coach the agent. The coaching can take about 20 minutes. – Who should do the coaching?

6 KPIs to Guarantee Success from Your Outsource Call Center

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This includes ensuring the agents receive the proper training, quality management, and calibrations to drive high-level performance. Call center managers need to coach their agents to avoid prolonged conversations about the weather or sports teams while on their calls.

Why Customer Experience is Like Sex in High School

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Contact Center A” not only experienced reduced operating expenses from the decline in repeat calls, but also proved a higher ROI for training and coaching. So to be transparent with you, we conducted Survey Calibration on the post-call IVR surveys collected for “Contact Center A”.

The Coming Disruption of the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry

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We all know intuitively that there is a relationship between hiring, training, coaching and systems and the resultant quality, however defined. Internally the quality assessors can calibrate between themselves. But calibrating with the client is much more challenging. The calibrated calls become a sample of this small sample. Of course, every time someone on the CCO or client team leaves or moves onto another role, the calibration process must be reset.

Where Are You on The Spectrum of Agent Performance

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Contact center agents receive Voice of the Customer scorecards that are used in a Performance Management framework and included in regular coaching sessions. Ownership is key to these programs and are enabled by the Survey Calibration process.

Agent Attrition: Time for a Change

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When supervisors receive little formal leadership training, and are never evaluated on metrics like the engagement levels of their team and the quality of the coaching that is done, it is easy to see why agents get frustrated. It seems that we need to re-calibrate our approach to find any annual attrition rates in double digits (or more) to be a red flag. Originally published in the Contact Center Pipeline, September 2014 “Well, you know, it is a call center.”

Is Outbound Telesales Making a Comeback?

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Add to that frontline managers with on-the-phones experience who coach, counsel and mentor agents for the high-stress, often unforgiving world of outbound. By Nick Jiwa , President of CustomerServ ( Originally Published on March 26, 2018 at [link] ).

20 best-practices for call center agent training


Schedule monthly calibrations with representatives from all of our different departments to review calls. Being able to analyse large volumes of agent/customer interactions releases information on specific calls with issues, and trends across the whole agent population, creating the opportunity to coach staff using identified good examples to improve standards across the contact centre.

Is outbound telesales making a comeback?

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Add to that frontline managers with on-the-phones experience who coach, counsel and mentor agents for the high-stress, often unforgiving world of outbound. By Nick Jiwa , President of CustomerServ ( Originally Published on March 26, 2018 at [link] ).