Balto First to Introduce Real-Time Guidance in Spanish for the Contact Center


Spanish-speaking agents now have access to bilingual conversation excellence features to drive conversions, maintain compliance, and improve customer experiences. Most contact centers route Spanish-speaking customers to a handful of bilingual agents (i.e.,

The Next Normal: The Only Constant is Change Itself


Anexa is a veteran in the outsourcing industry, with an exceptionally skilled workforce of bilingual agents. A two-year global pandemic flattened many economies and had the unexpected effect of transforming others.


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Why Does A Business Need Multilingual Customer Support?


This poses a challenge since you need to assemble a team of bilingual and multilingual agents. According to CSA Research, 74% of customers are willing to buy again if they receive after-sales support in their regional language. Emotions drive 95% of sales decisions.

What Pain Points do Customers Experience with Live Chat?


Their satisfaction is arguably the most vital factor when it comes to maintaining a good sales performance since one bad experience can have profound effects on a business. Any shortcomings will only frustrate your customer which will ultimately cost a business potential revenue in sales.

Ecommerce , CX and the ‘New Normal’ – BPO / Outsourcing Companies Support Brands


And as the world continues to emerge from the debilitating effects of COVID-19, one thing is abundantly clear: the siloed environments of sales, marketing, opps (other people’s platforms) and IT are over. Across ALL sectors and industries, consumer sales and brand loyalty increasingly rely on insights delivered through a robust, omnichannel presence. By 2027, it’s projected that social commerce will account for $604 billion in sales. It’s no longer a trend.

Nearshore Contact Center Outsourcing Spotlight: Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador

Outsource Consultants

The country has over 15 universities with more than 170,000 enrolled students, which enables contact centers to provide clients with nearly unlimited scalability with talented agents. Guatemalan contact center agents are often college educated and bilingual, speaking Spanish and English. For the nearly half a billion people who speak Spanish around the world, Guatemalan agents have neutral Spanish accents that can help a variety of Hispanic countries and US Hispanic markets.

5 Outbound Call Center Pricing Variables

Quality Contact Solutions

An informative type of campaign that could fit into that mold is not only easy to set up; it is also easier to execute from an agent perspective. As a result, you don’t need a highly skilled agent. Higher-skilled agents cost more than lower-skilled agents. The quality of the agent is crucial to the success of any campaign. If ever there was an area that I would be happier to pay higher rates for, it is the agents’ quality. Bilingual.