Common Knowledge Base Pitfalls

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Overcoming Knowledge Management Challenges Knowledge management (KM) should be the hub of an organization. We understand that without an effective knowledge base, employees would struggle to address many complex situations which arise during customer service.

Is Your Knowledge Base Optimized for Mobile?


Testing, One, Two … The question remains: is your knowledge base optimized for mobile? Some simple web analytics will reveal the percentage of mobile visitors to your knowledge base site. Pick up your phone (chances are, it’s no farther than five feet away ), navigate to your knowledge base site, and start playing around. It shouldn’t take long to get an impression of the mobile experience on your knowledge base.

Linking Self-Service to your Knowledge Base

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Today, more and more customers expect self service options, and an effective knowledge management system can empower this. If you know you have a consistent knowledge base, perhaps it’s time to take it a step further to enable self-service options.

Are These 4 Things Missing From Your Knowledge Base CRM Integration?


A good knowledge base CRM integration should empower agents to do their jobs more efficiently. The question, however, remains: Is your knowledge base CRM integration all it can be? Search, View, and Navigate Knowledge Base Content Without Leaving the CRM. In a similar vein, agents need the ability to share knowledge directly with the customer with the click of a button. You’d be surprised how many knowledge base CRM integrations miss it.

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6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

engagement hub which consolidates omnichannel interactions, knowledge, AI, analytics, and administration into one platform. is based on intelligent understanding of the problems faced by the. go off-script on its own, but analytics will highlight to the business.

Say Goodbye to Agent Turnover, Not Your Agents

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Speech analytics automated call scoring call center contact center customer engagement analytics employee feedback employee recognition interactive voice response IVR knowledge base speech analytics

How to write a knowledge base article


The main aim of a knowledge base article is to show your customer how something can be done, either on your website or with your product. If you want to create a knowledge base , you need to fill it with articles. Organizing the knowledge base article.

How Chat Analytics Differs from Voice Analytics

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Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, specifically natural language processing, and machine learning, the tide is beginning to turn as voice and chat analytics platforms are becoming more accessible, affordable, and insightful. Voice Analytics. Chat Analytics.

Call Centers: Here Are 10 Knowledge Management Mistakes That You May Be Making


Knowledge management is one of the most important business functions in any industry – for call centers, in particular, having an effective knowledge base isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s necessary. What do you think about the future of knowledge management?

Newest MindTouch Analytics Provide Better Performance Metrics for Knowledge Management Teams


Over the last year, enhancements to MindTouch analytics functions emerged as a top request from our customers. Beyond the rich data MindTouch already captures around content value, customers wanted to see the why and how behind the health of their knowledge bases.

How Software Development Improves Enterprise Customer Service

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n and analytics. and knowledge t? Knowledge BaseIn a world where technological advances are constantly evolving, business l??d?r? have realized that n?w?d??? d??? ?f f they want t? remain ??m??t?t?v? t is necessary to ?d??t t and b? part ?f f this technological w?v?

Best Technical Support – Top 3 Qualities of a Great Support Team

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As a result, you need a team made up of people who have superior analytical skills. The ability they have to share experiences and knowledge with the team is an invaluable quality that will make everything work better. Knowledge Base

4 Ways to Deliver Content that Chatbots Love


Typically, these “good” experiences deliver relevant and timely content, often powered by sound knowledge management strategies. Create content based on user needs. For the answers, dig into search query reporting, top case drivers, and website analytics.

Assessing Technical Debt in Knowledge Management


The knowledge management function within an organization is one place where technical debt likes to quietly accrue. Here’s a look at a few ways organizations can start addressing technical debt in knowledge management. Technical debt in knowledge management.

Running a Customer Success Team in the Fashion Industry

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The good news is managers now have automation in the form of CRM, analytics and a host of other tools that help in improving business productivity and consistency. Knowledge Base

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Why do you still have an FAQ section?


FAQs will devalue your knowledge search box. If you’re using your knowledge platform to host your solution-based FAQs (many don’t), then you risk inviting customers to click on topics they didn’t come for, but become curious about when they see it.

How text analytics delivers customer experience value


Date: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 How text analytics delivers customer experience value. In my previous series of blogs I explained the basic AI terms , including bots and chatbots , and the impact they have on CX, and now I want to turn my attention to text analytics.

How Technology Can Help You Improve Your Company’s Customer Service

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Study your analytics. These engines are pretty much advanced filters that provide users with valuable content based on their queries. Knowledge Base

You Bought into Customer Engagement as a Business Strategy. Now What?


An ideal way to identify these causes is to examine Interaction Analytics data. This can include outtakes from your speech, text and/or social analytics. These delays can be dramatically reduced by investing in a desktop Knowledge Base. If yours is among the growing number of companies that have embraced customer engagement as a business strategy, you may be wondering, “Should we be doing something differently than before?”.

How to Pick the Right Customer Service Training Software

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Solutions with native integration capabilities allow users to connect a range of services like CRM, HRM, analytics, ecommerce, and communications to name a few. Knowledge Base

5 Common Attribution Problems All Sites Suffer From

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Natalia Selby is Marketing coordinator at Mediahawk, with over 10 years experience in analytics, content management and eCommerce. Knowledge Base

6 Ways to Help Your Users Help Themselves with Contextual Help


Use Analytics to Drive Further Interaction. Surfacing content based on usage data can make the experience easier for users as they browse through your help system. Customer Experience Content Strategy Customer Success Documentation Knowledge BaseWading through product documentation can be intimidating and downright boring.

10 Principles of a Successful Customer Strategy

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The conventional approach to gaining customers, based on picking a segment of purchasers to target and developing products for that segment, is no longer enough. To raise your own customer analytics ability, thoroughly define your market and customers. Knowledge Base

Top 10 Tips for Creating a Successful Customer Survey

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Although customer analytics and big data are all the trend, you shouldn’t lose sight of the fact customer surveys are a tried and tested method to understand how your business is doing and what your customers want from you. Knowledge Base

7 Best Website Builder Software of 2018

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Wix is a cloud-based web development platform with millions of users worldwide. Wix has an artificial design intelligence which learns about you and applies this knowledge to create your website how you want it. You do not need to have knowledge with HTML or CSS in editing your website.

Using Social Media for Customer Service

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In case if you are looking for detailed cases and practice we recommend to you attend, for example, the professional social media marketing course like this one which provides you with knowledge and practical advice on marketing and customer service over social media channel. Knowledge Base

How to Get Started with Customer Experience Management

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The research by Clarabridge shows that customer experience management rests on four pillars of customer feedback, analytics, actions and dynamic measurement of customer satisfaction. Customer Service News Knowledge Base

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15 Customer Service Skills Agents Need


Additionally, all downtime that happens during slower days should default to preparing additional resources for customers like knowledge base articles and canned responses. Knowledge skills. Customers will always see agents as the go-to source of knowledge on a product.

5 Tips to Help Your Customers Communicate With You Across Time Zones

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Having knowledge of where your contacts are located is seriously powerful information, but knowing how to use this data is more beneficial. Time-based emails – Organise your emails by sending them at appropriate times to those in different time zones. • Knowledge Base

How to Measure Ticket Deflection with Google Analytics


Good knowledge management requires good data, including how well (or poorly) content is helping to prevent cases. It also tees things up so you can measure ticket deflection in Google Analytics. With a solution like this in place, you can now measure ticket deflection in Google Analytics. To start, you need to log into Google Analytics. Focus on the flow from the initial ticketing landing page to all of your knowledge base content.

The Financial Imperative of Best in Class Service

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New technology such as text analytics is also supporting these customer-centric people in their challenge. Knowledge BaseIt’s around twenty years since businesses began to think seriously about customer service as a means of growing competitive advantage.

The Automated Solution Your Customer Service Employees Will Actually Welcome

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How PMS helps: PMS effortlessly sifts through all that customer experience data and turns it into advanced analytics and reports right down to each individual employee. Knowledge BaseLately it feels like a precarious time to be a customer service employee.

Six Reasons Live Chat Keeps Customers Engaged

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There’s no point in simply having a chat function on your site that either isn’t integrated into your overall contact strategy or doesn’t deliver the intelligence or analytics needed to track how successful it is in supporting the customer service function. Knowledge Base

The 5 Biggest Preventable Failings in Customer Service

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With the data gained from the previous point, combining a customer’s behaviour on the website along with their telephone call tracking you can effectively market different products based not only upon their purchases but products they have shown interest in too. Knowledge Base

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What’s Your NPS? A Quick Guide to the Net Promoter Score

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It’s based on the following question: How likely are you to recommend our products or services to others? Geckolyst Analytics Engine helps you retrieve relevant insights and information from text-based conversations and other customer feedback responses. Knowledge Base

A Look at Facebook and Google Customer Service


With such a huge number of users, Facebook customer is based around two pillars: self-service through an extensive collection of articles and FAQs as well as a community forum where users help each other with the more difficult questions.

Free Tools that Will Get Your Small Business or Startup Going


What’s most important about all the apps is that they are all cloud-based. Based in the cloud. Currently, Google offers three tools that will help you take care of your SEO: Google Analytics , Google Search Console and Google AdWords Keyword Planner. Setting up a knowledge base.

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Care: What, Why, and How

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Others use predictive models based on machine learning. This could be through accessing an online knowledge base, FAQs or tutorials. In addition, AI and predictive analytics can indicate a customer’s likelihood of cancelling a service or purchasing a product.

What Is Proactive Customer Service and Why It’s so Good for Business


Based on the customer feedback , you can make more informed product design decisions. There’s a ton of different types of self-service materials you can create: a knowledge base , a FAQ section, ebook guide, tutorial video, demo of your product and more.

Customer Service Is Everyone’s Responsibility


Customer journey analytics (CJA) can show the way forward, but it’s easier said than done. Some of this can be avoided by using an up-to-date knowledge base. Customer Experience Analytics Customer Journey Management [Contact Center] Posts Technology call center technology CJA Contact Center Management Contact Center Technology Customer Experience Customer Journey Analytics Customer Service CX servicing strategiesCustomer Service Is Everyone’s Responsibility.