NPS and Text Analytics—Customer Feedback Decoded


So…you’ve surveyed your customer base and now you have a ton of feedback. This is where text analytics comes into play. The post NPS and Text Analytics—Customer Feedback Decoded appeared first on CustomerGauge.

Call Center Agent Feedback: Tips & Best Practices for Providing Effective Agent Feedback


Providing feedback to agents in your call center is entirely needed to maintain and improve a quality facility. However, knowing how to deliver feedback can be tricky. Unfortunately, there are a number of pitfalls that can derail the process of delivering effective feedback.

Emotion Analytics is at the Heart of Customer Experience Innovation


And now, with the help of emotion analytics, more companies are tuning into their customers’ feelings in an attempt to learn what makes them tick. What is emotion analytics? Research indicates that over the next five years, the emotion analytics market will register a 60.8%

Guest Blog: Six Ways Predictive Analytics Enhances Customer Relations


This week we feature an article by Jarrin Howard who writes about how predictive analytics can enhance customer relations. – Shep Hyken. These are common examples of sites using predictive analytics catering to individual customer preferences.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

speech analytics as the tool that will have the biggest. Using speech analytics, contact centers can translate. feedback from. are empowered and given the feedback. training, and data-driven feedback— and all of that starts with the right.

Say Goodbye to Agent Turnover, Not Your Agents

Contact Center Pipeline

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How YETI Stays Ahead with Feedback


Chris Hogan, Business Analytics and Modeling, YETI. I am the Associate Manager of Data Analytics & Modeling for our Customer Engagement Group. How does feedback play a role at YETI? Feedback is very important and luckily we have GetFeedback!

Analytics and Communications: Bridging the Gap

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And since most customer communications take place through digital channels, analytics can help businesses to facilitate even better communication and improve their consumer engagement. Analytics for Better Service.

#CXSecrets: Don't Limit Feedback Opportunities


But that doesn't mean we aren't willing to provide feedback. In fact, we as consumers are more eager to openly provide feedback to companies than ever before. When I first started, we would call customers on the phone - on our time - to ask them for feedback.

Guest Blog: Is Your Contact Center Using the Right Customer Feedback Tool?


Before Soliciting Feedback. CCW’s report confirms that the customer feedback survey remains a centerpiece of the “voice of the customer” strategy: 63 percent of respondents call it a priority. This is actionable feedback that your customers may not be able to articulate.

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

of analytics solutions, many decision makers may be trying to cut through. INTRODUCTION Business Transformation and Analytics: Driving Change in a Customer-Centric World | 3. percent) and direct feedback from customers (39. Revenue and customer feedback are. feedback from.

How VOC Analytics Improves Contact Center Performance

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Contact centers are big on analytics. Fortunately, tools do exist that collect direct customer feedback, or Voice of Customer (VoC), which can give insight as to the level of service they received so operations can be enhanced.

Inside View: Fannie Mae

Contact Center Pipeline

Contact centers may offer a wealth of data, yet the most meaningful customer insights often lie buried within stored conversations, transaction histories and survey feedback.

What is Quality Management Analytics?

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But what’s all this hype about using analytics to perform quality activities, and could it help you? Analytics allows you to analyze every interaction to understand what was communicated by agent and customer, identify outcomes and evaluate the overall experience. Thus, Quality Management Analytics harnesses the power of analytics and leverages those insights to make your quality program more precise and efficient. The post What is Quality Management Analytics?

Speech Analytics and AI Is a Winning Combination


Speech Analytics and AI Is a Winning Combination. Speech analytics is getting a new lease on life courtesy of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the digital transformation. Vendors in most IT sectors claim to provide AI-enabled solutions, and the speech analytics providers are no exception. As the pace of business has accelerated, the demand for real-time speech analytics has increased. The future of this process is analytics-enabled QM (AQM).

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

Analytics. analytics software provider. feedback from customers is the. analytics. of analytics, companies can. management, voice-of-the-customer (VoC) analytics and advanced reporting–that transforms the contact center into a customer. Shorten feedback.

How to Take Survey Feedback and Build an Actionable Plan


Collecting survey feedback from your customers is easier now than it has ever been before. But while collecting survey feedback is simple, the real value is in actioning that feedback. Receiving actionable survey feedback. Key elements of a survey feedback action plan.

The Advantages of Analytics-Enabled Quality Management


The Advantages of Analytics-Enabled Quality Management. Analytics-enabled QM (AQM) is the future for QM, and can solve many of these issues. DMG defines AQM as “an application that leverages interaction analytics, business rules and automation to identify, classify and score as much as 100% of voice and text-based interactions based on defined quality criteria.” It can provide feedback on a timely basis. AQM is an application provided by speech analytics vendors.

Gain Quality Customer Feedback and Avoid the Creep

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Collecting quality customer feedback is great, but how can you ensure that it’s actionable for your business? Find the right balance for your customers to deliver helpful feedback. For example, use speech analytics to uncover feedback in your recorded calls, and use interaction data to tell you what behavior says about customer experience. The post Gain Quality Customer Feedback and Avoid the Creep appeared first on NICE inContact Blog.

The Analytical Leader: Understanding Customer Experience Requires Thick Data

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The post The Analytical Leader: Understanding Customer Experience Requires Thick Data appeared first on CX Advantage. Overview Thick Data provides insight into people’s emotions, motivations and ways of thinking.

The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

speech analytics as the tool that will have the biggest. Using speech analytics, contact centers can translate. feedback from. are empowered and given the feedback. training, and data-driven feedback— and all of that starts with the right.

#CXSecrets: Collecting Feedback IS a Touchpoint


Numbers aside, though, companies often tend to overlook one vital touchpoint when conducting these mapping exercises: the touchpoint of asking their customers for feedback. Optimizing the feedback collection experience.

5 Channels for Collecting Customer Feedback (that you’re probably not using)

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Collecting and responding to customer feedback is critical for any growing business. Ignoring or failing to collect feedback is like flying a plane at night without instruments: you hope you’re headed in the right direction, but you can’t really be sure.

Guest Blog: Left Brain, Right Brain: Aligning Internal Culture and Customer Analytics


But customer analytics have more to tell you than scores alone. Think of data as representing the ongoing feedback loop between a company’s internal culture and its customers. Customer analytics, used appropriately, can be the healing salve for a broken internal culture.

How To Capitalize On Customer Feedback


One often overlooked aspect of customer service is sourcing customer feedback. What many managers don’t understand is that customers are often willing to give feedback to brands they have done business with and some, in fact, are eager to do so! The Importance of Customer Feedback.

Optimizing Customer Experience Data to Drive Business Success

How to Successfully Implement Customer Journey Analytics – Part 1


Companies are increasingly benefiting from customer journey analytics across marketing and customer experience, as the results are real, immediate and have a lasting effect. Learning how to choose the best customer journey analytics platform is just the start. By Swati Sahai.

The Power of Voice Analytics


Voice analytics promises to measure customer emotion in each call, differentiating between happy, frustrated and other customer moods. Voice analytics can also alert management to what is not being said.

Understanding Customers – Beyond the Analytics


Surveys asking for feedback are great – but sometimes the results only tell us a small part of the story. By dispatching anthropologists into retail stores, Underhill and his team observed behavior otherwise never examined in traditional feedback. Don’t stop asking for feedback.

What are the top ways we should use speech analytics to get the maximum benefits?


Question: We are just getting started with speech analytics. Answer: Enterprise executives who are not thinking more broadly about the uses of solutions like speech analytics are leaving cost savings and valuable benefits on the table. Analytics-enabled quality management uses speech and text analytics solutions to review up to 100% of interactions, 100% of the time, in 100% of channels.

How Survey Feedback Improves Product Offerings at Constant Contact


The Sentiments Blog team recently had the opportunity to chat with Chris Rogers, VOC Analytics Project Manager at Constant Contact. Rogers : We are currently analyzing customer feedback – both text-based comments and customer ratings – from multiple customer surveys.

Lesson #4: Text Analytics Is More Than A VoC Feature; It's An Absolute Must-Have


Enter text analytics. Structured Feedback. Structured customer feedback is the most common, the easiest to deal with, and super important in spite of this lesson’s title. Unstructured Feedback. I have introduced a lot of terms regarding types of feedback.

The Market for Speech Analytics Will Grow 30% in India


I recently spoke with Dataquest India about the growth rate for speech analytics there—I would estimate it’s at least 30% if not higher. and other clients to provide speech analytics insights—but also local players such as the large banks and telecoms.

Are you maximizing your customer feedback analysis?


So you’ve done the hard work of gathering customer feedback. Now it’s time to put that data to use with some customer feedback analysis. No matter how well-executed the survey, you won’t get much use out of your feedback if you don’t analyze the results. In this post, we’ll walk through all the basics of customer feedback analysis, from prepping your customer data to using survey analytics tools to simplify the process. Analyzing customer feedback.

A 5-Step Introduction to Journey Analytics


Journey analytics allows you to take advantage of quantitative and qualitative insights gathered from across the business and infuse them into a journey-based view for more credible, data-driven decision-making. Here is a high-level guide to embarking on journey analytics.

Tips for Designing a Closed-Loop Feedback Process

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Pixabay Do you close the loop with customers after they provide feedback? Many companies listen to customers, but a big chunk of these companies don't do anything with the feedback or follow up with customers about what they heard. What will you do with the feedback?

Everything You Need to Know about Text Analytics


If you work in a big company with large number of customers (or users), you most probably receive a lot of feedback: people write about their experiences, complain about the things that do not work and tell about the things they love. You might get even more feedback than you can manage.

Challenges of Unlocking Recording Data for Speech Analytics


According to leading independent research organizations, AI-fueled speech analytics has become a mission-critical application for contact centers intent on improving the customer experience and unlocking a treasure trove of hidden value. Campaign feedback.

10 Steps to Immediately Improve Customer Retention With Journey Analytics


In this post, I take an in-depth look at why customer retention matters and the ten powerful ways in which customer journey analytics can help you immediately improve customer retention. Hand-picked related content: How to reduce churn using customer journey analytics ]. By Swati Sahai.

Social Media Analytics vs. Direct Feedback

Customer Interactions

Common thinking would suggest that many organizations should flock towards social media analytics tools in something akin to the great gold rushes of the 19th century across America. While this is not an unwise choice for capturing the Voice of the Customer, I would suggest examining the merits of direct feedback as well.