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Obvious Contact Center Agent Burnout Problem Revealed

CX Global Media

If you stop and think about contact center agent burnout and turnover problems, why have you not considered musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)? Have you considered MSD as a contact center agent burnout cause? This agent burnout problem is often unreported. Improving Employee Morale. Of course, you did.

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How Your Call Center Can Overcome Agent Burnout


What causes call center burnout? Stress is notoriously prevalent in call center agents. Because of this, 75% of call center agents are at risk of burnout. Here are some of the most common causes for agent burnout: Unsustainably high workload. Emotional burden and/or abuse from customers.


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The Morale Doctor is In

Monet Software

That sense of ennui, stagnation or general “blah” that creeps up on agents and saps their energy and enthusiasm? That’s burnout —and it’s a call center morale killer that usually strikes long-tenured employees but can quickly drag down motivation among almost anyone they come in contact with. . Prevention is the Best Medicine.

Morale 100
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8 Reasons for Agent Burnout (and how to avoid it)


It’s not top-secret news that agent retention is a problem in contact centers. Losing agents costs your company thousands of dollars, slows productivity, and brings down agent morale. The post 8 Reasons for Agent Burnout (and how to avoid it) appeared first on Sharpen Contact Center Software.

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Contact Center Agent Burnout – Part 2, Causes and Remedies

Noble Systems

So, let’s dive into the top five causes of agent burnout and look into what you can do to combat them. Overworking agents. They allow agents to know when a peer has achieved a specific goal so that they can provide them with kudos and encouragement to keep going. Contact center technology can alleviate agent burnout.

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AI Innovations That Support (Not Replace) Humans in Customer Experience — Stacy Sherman


High training costs, high attrition, agent burnout, and outdated systems get in the way of empowering agents to provide excellent customer service. So, how best to fix these issues to boost agent productivity and morale?

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5 Ways to Avoid Agent Burnout Through Customer Self-Service


Despite the proliferation of new support channels and technology, agent turnover remains the number one problem for contact centers. It’s not a problem to be ignored: agent burnout can diminish call center morale and negatively impact customer support KPIs like CSAT and NPS. People simply do not want to call support.