Fri.Jan 27, 2023

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Improving Your Customer Service with a Comprehensive Customer Experience Audit Checklist


Civil rights activist Maya Angelou once said that people will forget what you said or did but will always remember how you made them feel. This is especially true when it comes to serving your customers.

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Be a Customer Success goal-getter: Tips for setting goals and crushing them with Rod Cherkas


Has the unpredictability of the past few years derailed your professional ambitions? Maybe you sense that you haven’t put a dent in what you set out to achieve—despite feeling like you’ve worked harder than ever to stay afloat.


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Call Recording Compliance with Dodd-Frank, PCI, MiFID II, HIPAA, and CMS


Agent compliance infractions can lead to unwanted penalties for your organization. Consider this: Dodd-Frank Act penalties can amount to $1 million or more PCI Compliance penalties can be $5,000 per month per agent MiFID II infractions can total $10.8M

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6 Important Healthcare Trends to Watch for in 2023


Last Updated on January 27, 2023 The healthcare sector worldwide is witnessing significant shifts in the conventional trends that have been followed for years.

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How to Build an AI-Powered Contact Center as a Service Platform

Trusted by over 750 customers across industries, the LinkLive AI -Powered Contact Center platform empowers businesses to deliver trusted experiences through voice, video, chat, secure email, and more channels.

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Which Customer Service KPIs & Metrics Matter Most?

Global Response

Everyone knows data is important, but which data matters most? Far too many companies blindly track dozens of customer service metrics or KPIs without having a clear pathway to actioning them or understanding which metrics can truly move the needle for their customer satisfaction and bottom line.

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Consumer Trends Set the Bar

Anexa BPO

As businesses continue to focus on delivering exceptional customer service, it has become more important than ever to keep track of key metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of customer service teams.

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Automated Calling System: Everything You Need to Know


A business transactional call can span anywhere from 4.45 minutes to 8.8 minutes, depending on the industry or size of your business. As such, an agent can make approximately six calls per hour, which means that an 8-hour shift could land 48 calls – if most things go smoothly, of course.

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How Has Technology Helped to Improve Consumer Business Management?

CSM Magazine

In today’s day and age, technology is evolving at a never-before-seen rate, providing organizations with fresh and creative options – from customer relations to inventory management.

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Top 10 Magicjack Business Alternatives & Competitors In 2023


MagicJack is a name that often pops up when enterprises look to implement VoIP business phone solutions. It offers straightforward and affordable yearly pricing plans and matching telephony features. That being said, magicJack is often considered an entry-level solution.

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Brain Fog HQ: Memory Enhancement Techniques for Professional Development

Speaker: Chester Santos – Author, International Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, Memory Expert, U.S. Memory Champion

In this entertaining and interactive presentation, Chester Santos, "The International Man of Memory," will assist you in developing life-changing skills that will greatly enhance your professional development and lifelong learning.

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What is a Board Portal and How Does it Help with Document and File Sharing?

CSM Magazine

When a board comes together for a meeting, it is essential to ensure it is productive, efficient, and leads to the intended results because board committees have demanding workloads. These meetings require careful organization, high-level teamwork and cross-departmental collaboration.

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Contact Center E-Commerce Sales Capabilities: Things You Have to Know


The eCommerce industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. We have no need to repeat those banal facts such as “people are more likely to buy on the Internet” or “the future of the electronic commerce industry is based on personalization and speed of service” - you already know it.

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How New York-Based B2B Market Research Companies are Helping Firms Navigate a Post-Pandemic Market

CSM Magazine

In New York City, the business-to-business (B2B) sector is large and ever-changing. To remain competitive, businesses must have a thorough understanding of current industry trends and client preferences.

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Time To Resolution: What It Is, Why It Matters, How to Reduce It


The post Time To Resolution: What It Is, Why It Matters, How to Reduce It appeared first on Knowmax

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The 2023 Customer Experience Management Value Index

Ventana Research named Verint an Exemplary Leader in the 2023 Customer Experience Management Value Index, leading in multiple categories including Adaptability, Manageability, Usability and Product Experience. Download the Index.

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A Definitive Guide To VoIP Phone System


VoIP Phone System - A Definitive Guide As internet systems continue to evolve, more and more companies are turning to VoIP as their communication solution of choice. With the global VoIP market valued at a whopping $123.3 billion in 2021, it’s clear that this technology is here to stay.

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Jan 27 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Director of Customer Success Location: Remote, San Francisco, CA, US Organization: Storm6 As a Director of Customer Success, you will build fundamental relationships. Build and implement a successful roll out of the product in the K-6 space.