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What is First Call Resolution (FCR): A Complete Guide


What is First Call Resolution (FCR): A Complete Guide. The organization’s using the Call Center Software to measure how well they handle customer calls and try to improve CX with the first call resolution. What is the first call resolution (FCR)? How to measure FCR?

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What Is Conversational IVR & Its Difference From Standard IVR?


Introduction Have you ever called your favorite brand’s customer care number to be met with drawling, robotic menus over the telephone that only offer more questions and no resolution? A standard IVR is frustrating for about 46% of the callers , who say that the unending, pre-recorded IVRs are a terrible experience.


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15 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Call Center Cost


Invest In Agent Training Comprehensive training improves agent first-call resolution rates. Customers get their issues addressed promptly instead of calling back repeatedly. This ultimately leads to higher first-call resolution and shorter handle times.

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Why Every Contact Center Manager Should Consider Voice-Driven AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides an unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize the call center experience for the 59% of your customers who prefer telephone communication. We’re not talking about the time-consuming interactive voice response (IVR) of the past that provided a less-than-optimal customer experience.

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Call Center optimization: Tools and best practices to increase performance


Smart Call Routing : Directs calls to the most suitable agent based on expertise, language, or past interactions. This increases the likelihood of first-call resolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI revolutionizes call centers by enabling smarter interactions and predictive insights.

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Empower Customers With Self-Service Blog #2

Enghouse Interactive

It’s Not an Option – It’s Expected (Blog Series). Register for our upcoming webinar “When, How and Why Customers Self-Help” with Steve Morrell, Managing Director and Principal Analyst of Contact Babel and John Cray, Vice President – Product Management, Enghouse Interactive. Digital literacy is the new normal.

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Super-Agents Are Real (Blog #4)

Enghouse Interactive

AI Makes It Possible (Blog Series). Blog #4 of 4 The MORE you know. As we saw in yesterday’s webinar, both enhancing the Customer Experience (CX) and understanding the Voice of the Customer (VoC) are inextricably linked… for the better. Key Learnings from Kate Leggett and Steve Nattress. The more YOU KNOW. .