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5 Tips To Reduce Your Call Center’s Average Handle Time (AHT)

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If so, it might be time to start reducing your average handle time. Although average handle time might seem like a small—and primarily internal—metric, it can make a big difference on customer satisfaction. your average handle time.

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What is Average Handle Time (AHT)?

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On the other, each call must be handled as promptly as possible to ensure that the next caller has a short wait time. Given these opposing demands, how can a center ensure that agents handle each call as efficiently as possible? A classic call center metric to measure this is the Average Handle Time (AHT).


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“Free”: The True Costs of Knowledge Based Authentication Questions?


At the core of this experience is the process of identification which in turn is based on the very foundational element of Knowledge-Based Authentication questions or KBAs. Pindrop research shows that up to 30% of customers struggle with KBA based identity questions, while more than half of criminals pass them.

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Do More With Less: 3 Effective Strategies to Maximize Your Contact Center’s Potential

Myra Golden Media

This could include a knowledge base that provides quick access to answers and solutions and a customer relationship management (CRM) system that helps agents keep track of customer interactions and preferences. For example, reducing staffing levels to save costs could lead to longer wait times and reduced customer satisfaction.

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How to Improve Call Center Agent Productivity


Call abandonment often occurs because customers become frustrated with long wait times. If we’re honest, most customers don’t like waiting, period. Average Handle Time (AHT). Average Handle Time (AHT). Lower average handle times usually mean higher productivity.

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Guest Blog: Are You Setting the Right Customer Experience Goals?


We see numerous instances of contact center operators focusing more on improving the tactical side of operations like reducing average handle time or getting more surveys filled out while ignoring the more strategic goal of improving efficiency and eliminating the redundant.

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10 Key Metrics and KPI’s for Contact Centre Performance

Call Design

This metric reflects the knowledge base and expertise of the agents working in the contact centre as well as how well your customers are directed through the IVR to the appropriate agent. Average Handle Time (AHT). Average handling time tells you how much time on average, an agent spends working on a task.

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