How to Scale Your Customer Support Team (Without Breaking the Bank) Using Cloud Contact Centre Technology

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Unlike the traditional Contact Centre — where scaling up your customer support team can be costly — Cloud Contact Centres offer a cost-effective commercial model whereby companies can be billed on actual usage. Cloud Contact Centre

5 Banking Customer Experience Predictions for 2020

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John Ing, Principal Operations Lead for CX at ECS shares his CX Predictions for the banking industry in 2020. The death of voice as a contact channel for banking customers has been over-hyped. More customer contact channels, not fewer.

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Your 2019 Guide to Moving Your Call Center to the Cloud


Global market intelligence firm, International Data Corporation predicts that by 2020, 67% of enterprise infrastructure and software will be for cloud-based offerings. Are you considering moving your contact center to the cloud?

The Show Must Go On! Elevating Customer Experience with Conversational AI

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toying with the idea of waiting until intermission before calling the bank. On my mother’s advice I agreed that it’d be foolish to delay reporting it to the bank and started looking up the bank’s ‘Lost and Stolen’ hotline on my mobile phone.

3 Industries That Can Benefit Immediately from Digital Customer Service

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It’s hard to think of the downsides of digital customer care, but there are a few industries that really can benefit from integrating digital channels and a more personalized approach to omnichannel: telcos, online retailers, and banks. 3) Banks. It’s no secret that banks have a customer service problem. The average interaction with a bank, in person or online, feels like they’re stuck in the mid-20th century. Our clients include telcos, banks, and online retailers.

Innovative Call Centers with Conversation IVR Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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The Contact Center business is going through a series of very important changes driven by the technology innovation, the raise of socials and the new consumption models being evaluated by most of the companies. Cisco blogs: The Artificial Intelligence Journey in Contact Centers.

5 Ways to Optimize Self-Service Practices


From banking to booking reservations, people were easily frustrated by complex processes and a lack of reliable human assistance. To deliver the very best in customer service, learn about Vocalcom, a global leader in cloud-based contact center software solutions and premium omnichannel customer interaction platform for great customer experiences. At one time, self-service meant forcing customers to perform tasks on their own without the information and support they needed.

Chatbots: What Role Should They Play in Customer Service?


Many industries are using chatbots in this capacity with great success—notably, the airline and banking sectors. United Airlines uses a chatbot called AutoPilot to help customers with all their flight information needs, while Bank of America’s “Erica” chatbot helps customers with nearly every aspect of account management. When a customer makes contact, chatbots may collect data in order to decide what the next step should be.

The Hybrid Customer Contact Center


Today, contact center leaders still have a tendency to create rules that mandate a different customer experience based on whether the interaction was self-service or involved a live agent. Live agent contact is going to diminish, but it’s never going away. Banks are another example.

Chatbots: The Key to Efficient Customer Service


While this technology continues to evolve, many industries—from banking to travel to retail—are indeed offering faster, richer experiences due to chatbot implementation. For example, if a customer contacts his bank for support, a question about a recent check deposit may require a different agent than an order for a new checkbook. When the idea of artificial intelligence for customer service was first introduced, many people were skeptical.

5 Ways AI Can Drive Proactive Customer Service


Banks also offer virtual assistants to help customers keep track of their finances and even make investing decisions. To deliver the very best in customer service, learn about Vocalcom, a global leader in cloud-based contact center software solutions and premium omnichannel customer interaction platform for great customer experiences.

The Serenova and Lifesize Merger Will Deliver High-Def Experiences for Contact Centers and the Most Successful Global Brands


Today’s merger of Serenova and Lifesize introduces an exciting new company combining the most innovative technologies in cloud contact center and video collaboration solutions. Bringing the Promise of Video to the Contact Center.

It's "Game Over" for your DX if you Think it's Just About Digital


When a customer wants to check their bank balance or check to see if their flight is delayed, they should be able to self-serve with easily-accessible data. But what happens with a more complex bank account or flight issue?

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Fenero Now Accepts Bitcoin


Bitcoin transactions are generally faster than typical bank transactions. Fenero is a leading provider of cloud solutions for contact centers. Based in Miami, Florida and headed by CEO Marlon Williams, Fenero helps companies to lower their contact center costs, increase agent productivity and create an exceptional customer experience through its flexible, reliable and scalable cloud contact center solution.

Enterprise Connect 2017: Contact Center Round-up

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2017 was arguably the biggest and best year ever at Enterprise Connect 2017 for those who care about contact centers. For ten years, I have attended virtually every contact center session held at the show, the past few years as the Contact Center Track Chair.

How to Give Work from Home Call Center Agents the Support and Resources they Need to Keep Your Business Functioning at Its Best


Aside from your cloud contact center platform, agents will need access to your knowledge base, customer files, SOPs, CRM, and ticketing system, too. Learn how Vibrant Credit Union moved to a video banking model and saw success skyrocket.

The Hidden Power Structure of Cloud Call Center Vendors


The cloud has radically transformed the call center industry. To him, the growing number of agent seats served from the cloud would be quite expected. Ovum’s Ranking of Cloud Vendors. Global bank ING used Twilio to replace a legacy Avaya call center.