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Average Handle Time: A Comprehensive Guide


Average Handle Time: A Comprehensive Guide In the call center industry, time is a lot more valuable than money. When agents learn to make the most of their stipulated time and provide superior customer service within that, then nothing can stop money from pouring in. What is Average Handle Time (AHT)?

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5 Tips To Reduce Your Call Center’s Average Handle Time (AHT)

Global Response

If so, it might be time to start reducing your average handle time. Although average handle time might seem like a small—and primarily internal—metric, it can make a big difference on customer satisfaction. your average handle time.


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3 Reasons Your Call Center is Missing Benchmarks


That’s where benchmarking comes in. Benchmarking helps call centers compare their operations and processes to other call centers. Call center managers can establish benchmarks by setting goals for their call center metrics , also known as key performance indicators (KPIs). 4 important benchmark KPIs. Service level: 80%.

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Key contact center metrics you should be tracking


Average Handle Time (AHT) An efficiency metric, average handle time measures the amount of time it takes each agent to converse with a customer. However, NPS also has limitations. Because it measures a cumulative experience, it’s a survey that should be used sparingly.

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Study: The Health of the Contact Center

What does it take to engage agents in this customer-centric era? Download our study of 1,000 contact center agents in the US and UK to find out what major challenges are facing contact center agents today – and what your company can do about it.

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What is Average Handle Time? Challenges, Examples, and Best Practices for Improving AHT Copy


Average handle time, or AHT, is an important call center metric. In the simplest terms, AHT is the average time it takes to handle a call or transaction from start to finish – from call initiation, to hold time, to talk time, and all the way through to any related tasks an agent must perform post-phone call to resolve that call.

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10 Key Metrics and KPI’s for Contact Centre Performance

Call Design

A common grade of service is 70% in 20 seconds however service level goals should take into account corporate objectives, market position, caller captivity, customer perceptions of the company, benchmarking surveys and what your competitors are doing. The industry benchmark for the first call resolution measurement is between 70% to 75%.

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The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

A survey of 1,000 contact center professionals reveals what it takes to improve agent well-being in a customer-centric era. This report is a must-read for contact center leaders preparing to engage agents and improve customer experience in 2019.