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Top Contact Center Industry Trends for 2023


READ THE FULL GUIDE: Contact Center Trends 2023. (It You can check out all of our predictions for the upcoming year in our newest in-depth resource: Contact Center Trends 2023. 2023 Trends: A New Focus on Agent Well-Being . Here are some of the improvements we expect agents to see in 2023: . Let’s dig in! .

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Three Highlights from the 2023 Decision Makers’ Guide

CSM Magazine

Now in its 20 th year ContactBabel’s 2023 UK Contact Centre DMG highlighted the highest ever average speed to answer and call abandonment rates. As a self-service option, IVR provides 24/7 secure payment options and reduced costs in comparison to agents taking payments. Rob Crutchington is Director of Encoded.


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The Evolution of Conversational AI in the Contact Center Industry

Taylor Reach Group

The emergence of Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVRs) in the 1980s marked the initial steps toward automation within contact centers. These systems aimed to streamline customer interactions by automating routine inquiries. Conversational AI has brought the industry one step closer to achieving this goal.

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HoduCC: A Standout Contender in The Capterra Shortlist for Call Center Software


Recently, HoduCC has been recognized as an Emerging Favorite in the prestigious 2023 Shortlist for Call Center Software by Capterra. The Rise of HoduCC HoduCC’s achievement of becoming an Emerging Favorite in the 2023 Shortlist for Call Center Software is a testament to its commitment to excellence and continuous innovation.

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Ways to Pay in 2023 – Encoded’s Top Five Payment Predictions

CSM Magazine

Rob Crutchington of Encoded shares his top five predictions for payments in 2023. Looking ahead to 2023, here are five ways that payment technology will continue to underpin business success: 1. A digital strategy can open up different channels for the customer to interact with an organisation in multiple ways. Specialised IVR.

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5 Reasons You Should Use Cloud Calling in 2023


These features include IVR (interactive voice response), which allows incoming callers to hear pre-recorded messages about call wait times and other relevant information. The post 5 Reasons You Should Use Cloud Calling in 2023 appeared first on CallTools.

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TechSee Brings Computer Vision AI and Augmented Reality Service Automation to Amazon Connect


With the increase in customer-centric service needs, AWS has been an innovator in the contact center space, prioritizing Interactive Voice Response and AI to create a unique customer experience,” said Geoff Wahl, EVP & Business Development Chief at TechSee.