21 Call Center Managers Share Their Favorite Call Center Leadership Activities


Call center managers may be involved with hiring and training call center agents , monitoring call center metrics tied to agent performance , using speech analytics tools for ongoing quality monitoring , providing ongoing feedback and coaching, and more. Call center leadership has a significant impact on performance by setting the tone of the workplace and fostering employee morale. What I liked the most are the seminars and workshops we did all year round.

Magnify Your Inside Sales With These 6 Inside Sales Training Tips


You can make your sales associates better listeners by including active listening in your training seminars. When you have a strong example, it’s difficult for the person to become hostile or ignore your feedback. Recording sales calls makes it possible for you to provide examples during training feedback sessions. 5) Boost Employee Engagement With Achievement-Specific Rewards Positive feedback and rewards can encourage sales teams to keep doing their job well.

Sales 40

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Simple Guidance for Designing Your Quality Monitoring Program (8 Steps)

Myra Golden

Here’s the 8 Step Quality Program we use at Myra Golden Seminars. Describe for me in detail what you hear in calls, read in chat/email/text, and what feedback are you getting from customers? What’s morale like? ” Your employees deserve your time, discussion, feedback, praise, and guidance. Decide what’s best for your employees, customers, unique business, and for those who will give feedback.

5 Ways to Improve Communication in the Call Center


For example, giving agents a chance to meet regularly with a peer mentor or manager can help them discuss their experiences and obtain feedback on how they might improve individually. Giving employees a chance to get to know one another and enjoy fun activities together away from the office can boost morale. Good communication in the call center is an essential part of customer service success.