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Visual IVR: The New Front Lines of Digital Customer Service


According to a report, 33% of overall caller satisfaction today is determined by the IVR experience. However, despite companies investing considerable time and money in researching and developing the most optimized IVR technology for the best customer experience possible, it is mostly failing.

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Fonolo Saves Credit Union from Cisco Call-Back Chaos


Caller satisfaction also increased, as did agent satisfaction. To solve this problem, we quickly implemented our Voice Call-Backs solution, taking some of the strain and helping them to reduce their abandonment rates by more than 40%.


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Why Customer Experience is Like Sex in High School

Customer Relationship Metrics

The anonymity of the contact center agents in “Contact Center B” perpetuated their “not my problem” attitude with respect to overall center performance and caller satisfaction. Increased caller satisfaction. They did not experience the team-focused effort. Are you believing this? I need to get naked. Lower cost per call.

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6 Secrets for Boosting Customer Satisfaction in the Contact Center


In our most recent whitepaper, we provide a playbook for contact centers to use as a guide to improving customer satisfaction. Here, we’re going to discuss 6 secrets your call center can adopt to ensure high caller satisfaction. Understand Your Customers’ Expectations.

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14 Ways Call Centers are Rocking Today’s Education Industry


b) Your callers get instant SMS and email notifications for all the courses offered at your institution. Let’s see what these education call centers really have to offer to your institution. a) Call centers offer lead management that handles both the admissions and the queries besides tracking the source of all the inquiries.

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Inbound KPI Metrics to Monitor for Operational Efficiency


A long average handle time is not only a sign that your caller satisfaction can be improved, but also that your agents may need additional training in efficient handle time. The handle time starts when an agent answers and only ends when the agent disconnects the call. This is one of the most important KPIs to monitor and analyze.

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What are Virtual Phone Numbers? (How Do They Work?)


It improves caller satisfaction with the help of auto attendants. There are numerous benefits of a virtual phone number. Let’s see what a virtual phone number offers to your business: It measures the performance of marketing, advertising campaigns, and sales. It helps in business expansion at a reduced cost.