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Fonolo Saves Credit Union from Cisco Call-Back Chaos


They’re typically pretty pleased to be able to offer call-backs to their customers, and we’re delighted when they see drastic reductions in abandon rate and improvements in customer satisfaction. Caller satisfaction also increased, as did agent satisfaction. Fonolo Flattens Call Spikes.

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Inbound KPI Metrics to Monitor for Operational Efficiency


Abandonment Rate. How many callers hang up before an agent picks up or solves an issue? This is known as the abandonment rate. Reduce your inbound call abandonment rate to increase customer retention. Slow answering can lead to a high call abandonment rate or low customer satisfaction.

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9 Successful Tips Of Customer Service Agent Key Performance Indicators (KPIS)

Dialer 360

The study showed an 89% abandonment rate of customers on customer service. Besides, the industry as it is directly related to caller satisfaction. This is how many calls are answered within a specific time. It doesn’t help with scaling operation especially during seasons. It has not been answered to within 4minutes.