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Why Voice Matters: Conversational IVR Takes Customer Service to the Next Level


These customers found themselves at a disadvantage, as their preferred method of interaction was pushed aside in favor of newer, seemingly more efficient alternatives. Speed, simplicity, and the ability to express their needs fluently without the hassles of navigating chatbots or sifting through help articles.

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Why Every Contact Center Manager Should Consider Voice-Driven AI


We’re not talking about the time-consuming interactive voice response (IVR) of the past that provided a less-than-optimal customer experience. The AI-powered voice assistants of today offer a seamless experience, reaching a virtual assistant, in seconds, that can answer customer intentions with just a few words.


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Guest Blog: 8 Exciting Ways AI Delights Customers


Faster reaction time. Forget IVRs and long wait times. You will eventually be able to resolve most mundane and simplest issues yourself thanks to: automated processes and responses, better knowledge and self-help recommendations, extra data from devices with sensors in your home (Internet of Things). Self-service.

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Empower Customers With Self-Service Blog #2

Enghouse Interactive

It’s Not an Option – It’s Expected (Blog Series). Register for our upcoming webinar “When, How and Why Customers Self-Help” with Steve Morrell, Managing Director and Principal Analyst of Contact Babel and John Cray, Vice President – Product Management, Enghouse Interactive. Digital literacy is the new normal.

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Call Center optimization: Tools and best practices to increase performance


Hold Queues : Ensures calls are answered promptly, minimizing wait times. Smart Call Routing : Directs calls to the most suitable agent based on expertise, language, or past interactions. Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI revolutionizes call centers by enabling smarter interactions and predictive insights.

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What are the Advantages of Using Chatbots in Call Center Services?

Global Response

Are chatbots actually beneficial for call centers, or are they really just a new fad? Though 80% of consumers have interacted with a chatbot at some point, only around 23% of companies are currently using them in their customer service. Is a chatbot a cost-effective way to scale our service and availability?

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In-Depth Guide: Inbound Call Center Software


Choosing the right inbound call center software can help businesses in improving customer satisfaction, reducing wait times, and increasing operational efficiency. In this blog, we will explore everything related to inbound call center software. This ensures well-organized call distribution and cuts down customer wait times.