When to Call a Contact Center Consultant…


Contact Center Leaders are continually being pushed to improve processes, decrease cost, increase customer satisfaction, and improve sales or metrics. In this article, we will provide a summary of many situations where a Contact Center Consultant could provide immense value.

Guest Post: How to Build Your Customer Experience Roadmap


This week we feature an article from Liliana Petrova , founder of The Petrova Experience. She writes about preparing a productive and successful customer experience strategy and why it’s important to have one. Wrong Customer Experience.


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Incentives and your Customer Experience

Taylor Reach Group

“Make your employees happy and they will make your customers happy.” It is your agents that interact with your customers, they are the ones who deliver service and have the greatest impact on your Customer Experience. By Colin Taylor.

10 Customer Service Transformations That Can Overhaul Your Customer Experience

Micah Solomon

The author, Micah Solomon, is an author, consultant, influencer, keynote speaker, and trainer in customer service, customer experience, customer service culture, and hospitality. Last week, I suggested quick wins that could improve your customer service and customer experience. Superior customer service depends on superior customer-facing employees; here’s an article of mine on how to get them.

Are We Building Relationships That Will Last a Lifetime?

Speaker: Lauren Feehrer, President and Founder of LoyaltyCraft Consulting

Genuine connections between brands and consumers happen when empathetic team members are enabled with effective technology. To remain competitive in the next normal, we must examine how at the heart of digital transformation is consumer connection. Join Lauren Feehrer, Founder and President of LoyaltyCraft Consulting, to learn how the merging of empathy and technology can transform your Customer Experience.

Five Low-Cost Ways To Improve Your Customer Service And Customer Experience

Micah Solomon

The author, Micah Solomon, is an author, consultant, influencer, keynote speaker, and trainer in customer service, customer experience, customer service culture, and hospitality. In honor of National Small Business Week ( #SmallBusinessWeek ), here are five highly effective, low- or no-cost ways to amp up the quality of your customer service experience. Train your employees to handle unhappy customers–and to win them back when things go wrong.

5 Facts to End the ROI Debate on Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

For many years, there has been a debate whether you could assign a dollar amount to determine the return on investment for any Customer Experience improvements. At times (more in the “old days” but every now and then it happens in present times) we’ve literally have been accused of “having religion;” i.e., believing in Customer Experience (CX) without proof and asked to show the value of CX. Customer Satisfaction results in a higher share price.

Customer Experience: 5 Startling Predictions for 2020

Beyond Philosophy

With that in mind, I have some predictions for the trends in Customer Experience for 2020 and beyond. . I also shared the research I undertook in the last quarter of 2019 to position my global Customer Experience consultancy in the marketplace. .

Press Release: Stock transfer firm selects Contact Center Consultancy to develop roadmap to improve customer experience

Taylor Reach Group

Today, CX and Contact Center consultancy, The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. The consultancy will conduct an essential health check of the firm’s customer experiences and Contact Center operations. “We We use a hands-on, holistic approach to assess the interaction experience and review all elements of the contact center. Established in 2003, the consultancy aligns proprietary approaches specific to clients’ organizational goals and objectives.

Guest Post: 5 Tools to Uplift Your Store’s Customer Experience


He shares five customer-related applications worthy of taking your eCommerce customer service to the next level. To increase your store’s sales, the customer experience of the store must be top-notch. What’s customer experience?

Drive Employee and Customer Satisfaction with SLAs

Speaker: John Goodman, Vice Chairman, CCMC, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting

Let's start making tech serve us rather than be a substitute for us. Let's empower our employees and give them the tools and strategies that will make even the angriest customer a loyal customer. Join John Goodman, Vice Chairman of Customer Care Measurement and Consulting and author of Customer Experience 3.0, and master customer rage for an insightful webinar on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

Philosophies to Improve Your Customer Experience in 2015

Beyond Philosophy

I dedicate my career to helping organizations take their current Customer Experience to the next level, or Beyond the Philosophy of it and into the “real world.”. Philosophy drives my actions, of course , including the following five: Philosophy #1: Experiences are not just about the “what” but also the “how.”. It’s not just about the rational parts of the experience, like how many times the phone rings before it is answered or your hours of operation.

5 Rules for Building a Successful Customer Experience Team

Beyond Philosophy

For three years running, Beyond Philosophy has been recognized by Financial Times as a leading management consultancy organization. I have used it to help organizations that hire us to improve their Customer Experiences to build their teams. Customer Experience Podcasts

Guest Blog: Digitizing the Customer Experience Without Losing the Customer


who argues that digital transformation is bringing customer experience to an entirely different level. Communities were smaller, shopping was local, and technology wasn’t there to either help or confuse the customer. However, I would argue that digital transformation is bringing customer experience to an entirely different level. All this progress requires businesses to provide an “always on, always available” customer experience.

Stop Making Excuses! COVID Isn’t the Reason Customer Experiences Are Declining, This Is…

Beyond Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is low. Not only that, but a recent report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) suggests that only 30 percent of companies tracked by ACSI improved their score—since 2011. That means that 70 percent of companies either had flat results or saw a decline in customer satisfaction. In this episode, we talk with the Managing Director of the ACSI, David VanAmburg about what has been going on over the past ten years in Customer Experience.

IVA is the New IVR Masterclass

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO & Phillip Fisher, CX Consultant at SmartAction

Join Brian Morin, CMO, and Phillip Fisher, CX Consultant as they discuss how IVA (intelligent virtual assistants) powered by advanced speech recognition and natural language processing are replacing the traditional IVR with “How can I help you today,” instead of “Press 1” and helping customers self-serve common requests.

The One Thing to Improve Your Customer Experience in 2021

Beyond Philosophy

Many organizations want a silver-bullet solution for Customer Experience , one quick thing they can do that will fix everything. However, there isn’t one for Customer Experience. It takes constant attention and small, deliberate changes to improve Customer Experience.

Consulting is dead.

Waterfield Technologies

When people hear the term “consultant” in a meeting, some laugh. The post Consulting is dead. Blog Consulting Customer ExperienceSome cringe. Some might even roll their eyes. I freely admit I used to be one of those people. […]. appeared first on Waterfield Technologies.

Customer Experiences for All

CX Accelerator

When you have a child on the Autism spectrum , you gain an unusual view of Customer Experience. Jax’s meltdowns have resulted in a number of painful public experiences and her family has become isolated. As I reflected on her experience I began to imagine a store that would offer my daughter the opportunity to safely shop for her family. Inclusive Design Redesigning the customer experience will require implementing inclusive design strategies.

Re-Imagining Your Customer Experience in a Time of Change

Beyond Philosophy

There are three different groups of organizations regarding opening up again after the pandemic: Organizations that are reacting to things: This group is changing the Customer Experience to respond to the crisis, but believe the present environment we are experiencing is temporary.

3 Must-Haves on the Path to a Better Customer Journey

Speaker: Alton Harewood, Contact Center Consultant, and Kara Allen, Global Workforce Management and Optimization, 8x8

Join this re-released conversation with Alton Harewood, Contact Center Consultant, and Kara Allen, Global Workforce Management and Optimization for 8x8, to hear how the fundamental building blocks of CX strategy are being used today, as well as which technology enablers provide the insight and oversight needed to adjust and administer the modern customer engagement team.

What Do The Pioneers of Customer Experience See for The Future

Beyond Philosophy

What happens when you get three Customer Experience Pioneers together to discuss the past, present, and future of Customer Experience? This episode of The Intuitive Customer, for starters. The future of customer experience is infused with technology and data.

5 Reasons Your KPIs Are Hurting Your Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

Being Customer-Centric requires rewarding those that contribute to Customer-Centricity. Too many organizations are still not rewarding Customer Experience improvement because they don’t measure it. Focusing on rewarding these, however, is not conducive to Customer Centricity. 5 Reasons Your Current KPIs Are Hurting Your Customer Experience. The ratio is off between internal and Customer measures. Why Most Customer Experience Programs Fail.

Is Customer Experience Dying? The Pioneers of CX Discuss

Beyond Philosophy

Is Customer Experience dying? At the very least, Customer Experience is dying as we know it. Customer Experience as we know it is dying because of a few factors. For example, when it comes to experiences in contact centers, it’s about convenience.

How to Make or Break Your Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

All the little parts along the way in your experience are what make a Customer experience Customer-Centric. Putting the Customer first in everything you do applies to every part of your organization, from the way you greet them to the way you bill them. Overlook this, however, and you are not likely to end up with the Customer focus you seek. Naïve companies are the least customer-focused and Natural companies are the most customer-focused.

The Evolution of Support: How to Manage Customer Support in an Era of Self-help

Speaker: Kristina Evey, Customer Experience Expert and Consultant

As self-service as a customer preference continues to grow, it's more important than ever that we assess the amount of support being given to our customer service reps. Is there a way to find the right balance between self-service and support?

Is Customer Experience Dying? The Three Pioneers of The Movement Debate

Beyond Philosophy

Back in 1994, Steve Jobs introduced a concept at an Apple conference: that the design of their products should begin at the desired Customer Experience and work backward from there. Now, 2021, Customer Experience as we know it is dying. Customer Experience Podcasts

Guest Post: Stronger Through Adversity | Leadership Lessons on Convenience, Customer Experience, and Legacy


speaker, author, and organizational consultant. H e talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic changed the customer experience and how business leaders responded. As I rang in the new year, I imagined I would spend a lot of time helping my clients drive customer loyalty and referrals.

Is Outsourcing Your Customer Experience Really A Good Idea or Just Wrong?

Beyond Philosophy

Whatever the reason may be, you have outsourced part of your Customer Experience. After all, customers do not distinguish between the part of the experience you provide and the part your third-party does. Key Ideas to Improve your Customer Experience.

4 Things We Can All Learn from a Retail Customer Experience

Beyond Philosophy

Retailers have been at the forefront for understanding how to use the human brain and emotions to maximize profits from their Customers. Using smells in your Customer Experience is olfactory marketing, and it works. Using scents to help create a positive experience for your retail customers works for many different industries though. Don’t underestimate the scent in your retail experience design. Undertake what we call a Customer Mirror.

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

INTRODUCTION Business Transformation and Analytics: Driving Change in a Customer-Centric World | 3. understand new sources of customer data and. quickly act to meet new customer expectations. percent) and direct feedback from customers (39. consulting too few sources.

What Does The Scottish Independence Vote Have to Do with Customer Experience?

Beyond Philosophy

Before I explain what I mean by that and how it has to do with Customer Experience, however, let me first tell you where I was born. 2] The study found price increases had twice the effect on customer switching, compared to price decreases.”. An experiment was conducted with students to bet on “Heads or Tails”. How is this applicable to Customer Experience? Well, Loss Aversion is applicable to Customer Experience as well.

Why Most Customer Experience Programs Fail

Beyond Philosophy

We work with Customer Experience (CX) professionals around the world and train them on how to go about implementing CX programs. The main reason that an organization fails to improve their CX is because of their lack of Customer Centricity. The symptom is a poor experience; the cause is their lack of Customer centricity. The reason your organization is delivering the experience it does today is because of the way your organization is.

Who Wins – Brand Or Customer Experience?

Beyond Philosophy

Six years later, the outcomes of this study hold true – customers’ emotional and subconscious responses to your brand account for a good half of the total Customer Experience. With the incredible speed at which actions provoke reactions on media like Twitter and Facebook, it is becoming absolutely critical for any brand to measure and manage the emotional responses that it evokes in existing and potential customers. Blogs Customer Experience

Stop Making Excuses! COVID Isn’t the Reason Customer Experiences Are Declining

Beyond Philosophy

Over the last 20 years, Customer Experience has been a concept embraced by businesses. . However, despite this emphasis on providing excellent experiences, customer satisfaction levels have not improved. Customer Satisfaction scores drop for many reasons. .

CRM 195

Top 20 Customer Success Consultants in 2020


Customer success consultants are an experienced and established party with a primary objective to serve the customer success niche. The members of the customer success consultation zero in on developing a strong foundation for the domain to dwell and accelerate.

Consultants vs. Staffing vs. ESG: What’s the Difference?

Education Services Group

We talk to Customer Success organizations at all phases of development, so we often get asked about the differences between hiring a consultant, a staffing agency, and ESG. Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted Customer Success in countless ways. Consultants.

Customer Experience ROI: How You Prove You Understand Customer Experience Strategy

Beyond Philosophy

Customer Experience as an industry is at a crossroads. In our recent podcast, we had a guest Bob Thompson, CEO of Customer Think Corp., an independent research and publishing firm focused on customer-centric business management and the founder and editor-in-chief of CustomerThink.com. Along with being a popular international speaker, blogger, and author of Hooked on Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies , Thompson and I go way back.

5 Rules for Managing Your Customer Experience in Business-to-Business

Beyond Philosophy

Verint helps the world’s most iconic brands build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data, and experiences across the enterprise. 5 Rules for Managing Your Customer Experience in Business to Business. Recognize that customer emotions apply.

How Good A Liar Are You Really? Does Lying Affect Your Customer Experience?

Beyond Philosophy

Verint helps the world’s most iconic brands build enduring customer relationships by connecting work, data, and experiences across the enterprise. Even your customers have done it. We also explain what happens to your relationships with customers when you lie to them.