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Building Your Best Culture in 2019

CX Accelerator

From Jeremy Hyde: How do your leaders calibrate on what they “coach” on and how/when they approach it? At a leader level, do they feel like there are unclear/changing priorities? The output from the meeting was a "team charter" that outlined how they would communicate with each other.

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How Contact Center Quality Monitoring Benefits the Healthcare Industry

The Northridge Group

They must monitor compliance in their contact centers and ensure that all vendors they do business with are complying with regulations and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), such as performing routine employee background checks.


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Adapting to a Global Workforce: Managing Remote Teams Effectively


Calibrate Contact Center Interactions Fairly and Consistently While we all know that feedback is important, when a call center gets busy, coaching, mentoring, and even quality management may fall to the side as agents and their leaders look at meeting and beating agreed-upon Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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The Coming Disruption of the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry – Part 2

Taylor Reach Group

This point and the futility or calibrating a 5 to 6 on a 10-point scale are why most quality programs actually offer no insight into actual quality. Together this makes for an effective quality program, without expensive and time-consuming calibration and ambiguous results. The old Contact Center Outsourcing (CCO) model is broken.

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How to Properly Manage a Call Center Outsourcer


This will make sure that you get the most our of your calibration sessions and you will be able to trust the scores your call center partner should be giving you weekly. Have a Client Services Manager Lead: one person you can form a relationship with, and you can ask any question and they can help solve any problem.

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10 Key Metrics and KPI’s for Contact Centre Performance

Call Design

Average delay refers to the average amount of time a customer spends waiting in the queue for an answer from an agent whereas grade of service is the defined as a percentage of contacts answered within x seconds. Calibration is key when measuring quality to ensure any suggestion of bias is removed. Forecast Accuracy.

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The Coming Disruption of the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry

Taylor Reach Group

The CCO’s employ forecasts which are matched to the contractual KPI’s, most commonly, Service Level (the percentage of contacts answered within a specified time-period, which often varies by channel), Average Handle Time and Abandon rate. Internally the quality assessors can calibrate between themselves.