What is Quality Management Analytics?


You’ve heard of quality management (QM), and your contact center probably has a quality program in place today. But what’s all this hype about using analytics to perform quality activities, and could it help you? Analytics allows you to analyze every interaction to understand what was communicated by agent and customer, identify outcomes and evaluate the overall experience. This means fewer – but higher quality- evaluations.

Curious How Analytics Can Impact Your Quality Management?


Have you noticed all the hype around using analytics in quality management, but haven’t utilized it in your organization? If you have a quality program in place and you’re still not getting the results you desire, using analytics can lead to valuable insights that make your quality program more precise and efficient—and that’s just the beginning. Will analytics really help your quality management program?

Three Steps to More Effective Quality Management

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If your contact center is already recording calls and monitoring calls, then you are two-thirds of the way toward an effective quality management program. Sounds easy, but some contact centers still struggle with their quality management strategies. So why not make it a point to score those for quality management? Step Two: Close the Loop Quality management does not work as a standalone program. false. 18 pt. 18 pt. false. false. false.

What is the Formula for Successful Quality Management?

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But quality management (QM) can – and the formula is a surprisingly simple one: Call Recording + Speech Analytics = Quality Management Why are more contact centers not aware of this? Perhaps they haven’t changed their approach to quality management for more than a decade. They have not considered the impact that speech analytics, which wasn’t even widely available until recent years, can have on QM.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

depending on the channel used (39 per- cent) as the second biggest challenge, while having too many calls to manage. meets their complex needs, agents must manage. speech analytics as the tool that will have the biggest. Using speech analytics, contact centers can translate.

Speech Analytics and AI Is a Winning Combination


Speech Analytics and AI Is a Winning Combination. Service, quality management, and the customer journey will all see big gains. Speech analytics is getting a new lease on life courtesy of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the digital transformation. Vendors in most IT sectors claim to provide AI-enabled solutions, and the speech analytics providers are no exception. The future of this process is analytics-enabled QM (AQM).

5 Reasons Why Your Contact Center Needs Speech Analytics


Today more and more companies are utilizing speech analytics technology to gain customer insight and enhance the quality management (QM) processes. Understanding what types of calls are coming allows management to create training and best practices for the most common scenarios.

Cloud-Based ACDs and Dialers Come of Age


This has been the case for the past 40 years, but now the vendors are adding analytics, big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to help companies work smarter instead of harder. Of course, customers care about the security of their information, but they are not thrilled to be burdened with meeting authentication requirements, and surely do not care about the processes that agents/advisors have to follow to get a high quality-assurance score.

Scouting Report: Speech Analytics Enters Its Next Act — Maturity


Scouting Report: Speech Analytics Enters Its Next Act — Maturity. The speech analytics market continues on its remarkable journey as it matures, enters middle age, and confronts a variety of new challenges. The primary issues are these: Speech analytics is not yet considered a “must-have” application; analytics-enabled quality assurance (AQA) has not caught on; real-time speech analytics has a limited number of use cases; and text analytics continues to struggle to be noticed.

Full Speed Ahead with Analytics and Automation


I recently met with two leaders from the cruise line, and they shared insights and experiences on how they drive customer engagement—while adding real value to their organization by leveraging some of the latest analytics and automation capabilities. Here’s some of what they’re doing: Leverage speech analytics to identify and implement innovative business improvement solutions. What happens when a premier cruise line makes business outcomes a top priority?

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

of analytics solutions, many decision makers may be trying to cut through. INTRODUCTION Business Transformation and Analytics: Driving Change in a Customer-Centric World | 3. analytics to inform change but admit to. of executives agreed that data and analytics.

Why Speech Analytics Is a Must Have


Speech Analytics (SA) was introduced to the call or contact center a decade or so ago. It has now reached a stage akin to how other contact center technologies such as Quality Management (QM) and Workforce Management (WFM) are viewed as must-haves by contact centers.

A Roadmap to Success with Speech Analytics


Likewise, you’ll want to map out your destination when using speech analytics. Speech analytics provides business intelligence by uncovering content that otherwise might not be discovered. This is about determining your objectives in using speech analytics.

AI-Driven Business Insights From Every Conversation With 8x8 Speech Analytics


For example, artificial-intelligence infused speech analytics and quality management can add value for every department in your company. Speech Analytics Benefits Outside the Contact Center. ” Movement Mortgage & Speech Analytics.

8x8 Launches Speech Analytics and Integration Framework


We have exciting new launches today including 8x8 Speech Analytics – automatically providing sentiment analysis on 100% of your customer calls; enhanced Integration framework – making it easy to embed communications into your business processes. Analytics Features.

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

Analytics. a quality experience. analytics software provider. Are hiring managers adapting training and recruiting practices to. want to provide a seamless, quality experience across all. analytics. provide a consistent, seamless, quality experience.

I feel the need, the need for speech (analytics)


With the contact centre largely removing the need for a face-to-face element, really listening to the customer has consistently been a challenge for customer experience managers. Speech analytics has also enabled contact centres to perform even better and more inclusive quality management.

Ready to Soar? Align Your Analytics and Customer Engagement Strategies


The answers can drive business and workforce optimization at your organization—by incorporating advanced analytics as part of your customer engagement strategy. At a recent Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Customer Relationship Management / Customer Experience event at the Atlanta Tech Village , the GM of Advanced Analytics and Data Science from a major airline took part in a panel on predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.

ZOOM International is now on Cisco SolutionsPlus

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Contact Center Quality Assurance is Essential in All Channels


Contact Center Quality Assurance is Essential in All Channels. The same concept applies to quality assurance in a contact center. It doesn’t make sense to perform quality assurance (QA) only on calls when the contact center supports emails, chat, SMS and social media, as well. A great way to address both of these issues is to transition to analytics-enabled QA (AQA). 5/23/2018. By Donna Fluss.

The Health of the Contact Center: Are You Ready for 2019?

depending on the channel used (39 per- cent) as the second biggest challenge, while having too many calls to manage. meets their complex needs, agents must manage. speech analytics as the tool that will have the biggest. Using speech analytics, contact centers can translate.

Survey Says – Time for Speech Analytics

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It seems like every time another survey is conducted on speech analytics, the results confirm what we already knew. There was a recent study by a speech analytics provider that found 47% of users are now able to identify customer issues and resolve them quickly.

Contact Centre Predictions 2019

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Anybody who is running any customer-facing part of an organisation these days is probably already being asked by senior management about their plans and overall strategies around artificial intelligence, robots and chatbots, and how they are going to roll them out. In today’s market, many of the issues and concerns that gave senior managers sleepless nights when mulling over whether to move to the cloud have now largely dissipated.

What are the top ways we should use speech analytics to get the maximum benefits?


Question: We are just getting started with speech analytics. Answer: Enterprise executives who are not thinking more broadly about the uses of solutions like speech analytics are leaving cost savings and valuable benefits on the table. Analytics-enabled quality management uses speech and text analytics solutions to review up to 100% of interactions, 100% of the time, in 100% of channels.

The Case for Speech Analytics: Improving Quality Program Impact for the Customer Obsessed


Although most organizations have a quality program in place, they often produce less than compelling business value. What’s more, traditional quality programs don’t provide organizations with the responsiveness needed to affect change.

Customer Engagement Strategies and Networking


Earlier this week Verint took part in the. Customer Contact East: Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Primary themes during the conference included: Digital Transformation Is Ushering in an Era of Unprecedented Change.

Five Signs That It’s Time to Freshen Up Your Contact Center Script

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It Has Not Been Vetted Through Speech Analytics. If you’ve added speech analytics to your contact center, you now have an opportunity to assess customer reaction to scripted lines and responses. Speech Analytics and help refine your script and make it more effective.

Leading Personal Lines Insurer Prioritizes Customer Engagement


This personal property and casualty insurance provider needed the tools to address complexities that the company’s traditional methods for understanding the voice of the customer failed to address.

Driving Holistic Customer Engagement Excellence


Attendees hosted sessions and exchanged best practices on topics including voice of the customer, desktop and process analytics, automation/robotics, employee engagement, quality management, back-office and branch operations, compliance recording and workforce management.

Be Part of the 2017 Engage Global Customer Awards


Have you or someone within your organization used Verint software—including Contact Solutions, Telligent, Adtech and OpinionLab—to optimize customer engagement?

Sell the Value of Data Insights to the C-Suite


The key to unlocking this power is the insight provided by data analytics. There are three primary points to cover when selling the value of data insights to the C-suite: Outline the functionality and benefits of using analytics.

Why Is Meeting Service Level Agreements So Challenging?


Managing to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be a daunting challenge, mostly because few organizations can view and track service requests and work items from the point of origin all the way through execution.

Why is ZOOM an NPS® Promoter?

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We are accustomed to “staying in our lane” and managing to targets that are 100% under our control including customer satisfaction surveys that are solely focused on a specific contact center conversation – rather than the entire customer experience. Is your goal to hit contact center metrics?

Dynamic Media Leader Uses Verint to Improve Customer Satisfaction


This leading media company needed a program to efficiently identify agent improvement opportunities to better manage its quality assurance program—as well as maintain the high level of quality its customers had come to expect.

Verint Speakers: Engage APAC, Customer Service Culture of Quality


Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC) Annual Conference. Attendees will learn how to take a good quality program and make it stronger by establishing KPIs and goals from multiple sources, and then managing them with scorecards for better long-term results.

DMG Consulting Releases 2017 – 2018 Robotic Process Automation and Desktop Analytics Product and Market Report


DMG Consulting Releases 2017 – 2018 Robotic Process Automation and Desktop Analytics Product and Market Report. Who: DMG Consulting LLC, a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services. What: Releases 2017 – 2018 Robotic Process Automation and Desktop Analytics Product and Market Report. RPA makes the output from desktop analytics actionable by identifying activities that can be automated.

DMG Consulting Releases 2017 – 2018 Speech Analytics Product and Market Report


DMG Consulting Releases 2017 – 2018 Speech Analytics Product and Market Report. Who: DMG Consulting LLC, a leading provider of contact center, back-office and real-time analytics market research and consulting services. What: Releases 12th annual Speech Analytics Product and Market Report. After 14 years in the commercial market, speech analytics has reached maturity, but the solutions have not become commoditized. The future of speech analytics is positive.

5 Helpful Contact Center Tools for Managers


Luckily, there are countless solutions available to contact center managers today to help improve productivity, performance and overall customer experience. Speech and desktop analytics dramatically improves a contact center’s ability to uncover insights, identify key issues and complaints, prevent high-impact incidents and handle customer interactions more effectively and efficiently. The post 5 Helpful Contact Center Tools for Managers appeared first on inContact Blog.

Verint Speakers: Combatting Fraud and Understanding Your Customers


Sherry will discuss how voice of the customer solutions help enable enterprises to find the information that can help them move toward best-in-class customer engagement optimization and combine workforce optimization and customer analytics to create positive and memorable customer experiences.

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Quality & Analytics – A Match Made in Heaven

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Check out this funny caricature about quality management processes. Obviously, quality assurance is not a laughing matter. Sound familiar? Organizations invest great resource in implementing qualityassurance programs that focus and motivate employees to improve their interactions with customers. But many tend to focus on individual agent performance, while neglecting the bigger picture: overall business-level performance