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A Fair Guide to the Best Customer Service Automation Software


Businesses today thrive on efficiency, and the customer service domain is no exception. With the rise of technology, businesses have started to adopt customer service automation software to scale their operations without ballooning headcount. What is customer service automation software?

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Guest Blog: Instant Customer Service – Just Add Text Message


Let’s face it, customer service is the lifeline of any company. Of course, getting new customers is just as important, but it’s useless if your customer service experience is suboptimal. According to Forbes , Businesses are losing $62 billion per year through poor customer service. Text Messaging.


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The Importance of Customer Service in Business Success

CSM Magazine

Customer service is a vital component of any successful business. The way a business deals with its customers can determine whether it thrives or fails. Providing exceptional customer service is critical in building long-term relationships with customers and gaining their loyalty.

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Customer Service Needs a Personal Touch Now More Than Ever

CSM Magazine

Customer Service should be a human experience. Countless companies have lost sight of that crucial fact, often relying on chat or never-ending touch-tone menus that frustrate customers immensely. So much so, that those disgruntled customers often choose to take their business elsewhere. Lost customers mean lost profit.

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The Complete Glossary of Common Customer Service & Support Lingos

ProProfs Blog

That means being consistent at learning and acquiring knowledge can help you shape a customer’s journey better. Learn the commonly used customer service and support lingo. To help you get started, we’ve prepared a small customer support glossary below. Customer Delight. Customer Experience.

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Unifying the Customer Experience: How Do You Do It and Why Is It Important?


Today’s customer expects a unified experience across communications channels. Here’s why customer service agents need to embrace multi-channel support for customers.

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What Qualities make up a top Customer Service Company?


Customer service is not easy. The advent of new media means that customers today expect speedy responses over a variety of channels. Additionally, good customer support requires highly trained individuals with a lot of soft skills including empathy and de-escalation. They offer multi-channel support.