Wed.Dec 27, 2023

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Best Practices for Ethical Call Recording in Call Centers


Training new agents effectively requires multiple methods. Call recording is one of the more beneficial tools for instructing agents in best calling practices. It allows you to identify areas that need improvement from your call center staff. You can also learn about key customer complaints. Call recording can be controversial, so it should meet ethical standards for agents and customers. 3 Benefits of Call Recording Call recording software offers some valuable benefits , which is why so many bu

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Facing Today's Challenges With One Invincible Human Superpower


Our world today is grappling with a mix of formidable challenges. Geopolitical tension and war, deterioration of trust in major institutions, income inequality, rising authoritarianism, pervasive corruption and swelling crime are but a handful of dozens of issues in dire need of solutions. It's a complex landscape. Add to this our daily personal, family and job stresses, and it's clear why many feel overwhelmed and ultimately disengage or worse.

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Leveraging product intelligence to improve customer experience


Understanding how customers use and feel about the products they buy is critical. This blog looks at how product intelligence can help companies make better decisions about products and improve CX.

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VirtualPBX New Year Countdown: 4 Days Left to Transform Your Business Communication


As we approach the final stretch of the VirtualPBX New Year Countdown , the excitement is palpable. With just four days left, it’s not too late to reshape your business phone system and set the stage for success in 2024. Throughout December, we’ve been unveiling daily pro tips to help you achieve your communication goals and ensure your holiday promotions hit the mark.

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Reimagine Your Communications With A Unified Platform

Cut complexity and boost efficiency while empowering your customers with Nextiva's unified communications platform. Nextiva streamlines workflows and centralizes customer interactions, all while simplifying business collaboration, increasing productivity, and reducing employee burnout.

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How to Sound More Professional On the Phone: 10 Tips

Abby Connect

If you own or work for a company I’m sure you have to handle telephone calls rather frequently. And the way you handle those phone calls can make a serious impact on if you make a sale, your customers stay happy, or your partners continue to want to work with you.

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Engineering Change for Car-Sharing App With Strategic Sprint

24-7 InTouch

Innovation is a cornerstone of our approach at IntouchCX, so we proactively organize strategic sprints for our partners to address current challenges, drive progress, and experiment with emerging technologies. We use a unique approach to strategic sprints that fosters innovation, opening doors to new opportunities and untapped potential. A leading car-sharing brand partnered with us to identify opportunities to enhance their in-app customer experience (CX).

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Implementing Generative AI – A Step-by-Step Guide for Product Managers


Last Updated on December 27, 2023 Generative Artificial Intelligence (Generative AI) can be rightly called a dynamic force that is reshaping how products are conceived, developed, and refined. For seasoned product managers steering the course of large enterprises, understanding and harnessing the power of Generative AI is no longer a luxury—it’s a strategic imperative.

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Common Challenges in Automated API Testing: Overcoming Obstacles with Expert Solutions

CSM Magazine

Automated API testing stands as a cornerstone in the modern software development cycle, ensuring that applications perform consistently and accurately across diverse systems and technologies. However, navigating through the intricacies of API testing presents a set of common challenges, from handling parameter combinations to ensuring the security and performance of APIs under different scenarios.

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