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Why Every Contact Center Manager Should Consider Voice-Driven AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides an unprecedented opportunity to revolutionize the call center experience for the 59% of your customers who prefer telephone communication. We’re not talking about the time-consuming interactive voice response (IVR) of the past that provided a less-than-optimal customer experience.

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6 Expert-Approved Tips on How to Build Your Agent Dream Team


In simpler words, if there’s a steep learning curve with your call center software, your agents will need guidance in the form of consistent training. Remember that even the smallest of technical snag can lead to prolonged wait times and by extension, frustrated and angry customers.


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Three Ways To Improve Customer Experience During Inbound Calls

CSM Magazine

Although customer expectations vary, companies that wish to succeed must find efficient ways to improve call center experiences. Therefore, businesses must find practical ways to keep wait times to a minimum. Determine whether you have enough customer service representatives to handle inbound call volume.

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Essential Pain Points in Call Center Management – Part 2


Example from a Call Center Perspective An agent working remotely faces frequent connection drops due to an unstable home internet connection. Moreover, they are unable to access the company’s internal knowledge base effectively, delaying response times.

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3 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience in the Call Center


Daily refresher courses can help agents remember what to do and provide them with the latest product and service information so they have the best possible chance of providing customers with good experiences. Use a knowledge base. Enhanced Experiences for Agents and Callers. Empower Employees.

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A Beginner’s Guide On An Effective Inbound Call Strategy


Inbound call centers play a crucial role in delivering these revenue-generating experiences, so everything from the standard greeting to agent training to the establishment of KPIs needs to be designed with the customer in mind.

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The Complete Guide to Visual IVR


Although they can be simple and effective, customers don’t love IVR experiences. Consumers often list dealing with an IVR as a top grievance with the call center experience. Power and Associates, a good IVR experience is quite rare. Why Use Visual IVR Instead of IVR? According to a report by J.D.