5 Tips on AI-Powered Phone Lines

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With optimized tools, you can create optimized protocols and systems with the intention of your customers moving with ease to find answers. Focus on self-service benefits. The intention of automation is self-service at all times of the day. Do you have the answers?

New Data Shows What Customers Hate When Calling Businesses

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Clutch have surveyed 501 people who called a business more than three times in the past six months to learn what they expect from telephone customer service. When asked to rank their top three frustrations with telephone customer service, the largest percentage of people chose being kept on hold (57%), followed by rude service (52%), and automated phone menus (51%). or “I want to check my bank balance.”. Customer Service News

Missed Calls: The Real Impact on Your Business


You probably have all kinds of KPIs and protocols to ensure that customer emails are answered promptly and that your invoices arrive on time, but in a digital age it’s all too easy to forget about one of the oldest and most important methods of customer communication: the telephone. Failing to answer your phone frustrates them, leaves their issues on the table, and convinces them that you just don’t have a solution for them. If it’s possible, the easiest answer is more staff.