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7 Ways to Reduce Average Handling Time in your Call Center


On the other side, the agent invested her time with nothing productive in it. The key point that plays a significant role in this is ‘Average Handling Time’. Definition wise, it is just the total time invested divided by the total number of calls. Call centers face such scenarios on a daily basis.

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10 Key Metrics and KPI’s for Contact Centre Performance

Call Design

Calibration is key when measuring quality to ensure any suggestion of bias is removed. Average Handle Time (AHT). Average handling time tells you how much time on average, an agent spends working on a task. Forecast Accuracy.

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How Contact Center Quality Monitoring Benefits the Healthcare Industry

The Northridge Group

These KPIs include: Average Handle Time (AHT). In addition to sharing this finding, we conducted extra calibrations on the calls the outsourcing partner handled and identified issues of concern to address in training such as: The vendor’s newly hired agents were missing basic knowledge of relevant customer service programs.

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6 Factors to Consider When Outsourcing

Global Response

Call Center KPIs: The outsourced contact center partner should be able to explain how they calibrate performance through the monitoring and analysis of specific integral key performance indicators (KPI) and metrics. For example, will you be involved in contact calibrations, training, or staff promotion decisions?

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BPO Vendor Management Part One: Top 5 Tips for Better KPI Performance

Outsource Consultants

Call Center Tip #5 — Collaborate and Calibrate. Lastly, make sure you’re leveraging your BPO’s expertise in real-time. Work with your BPO partner to align your KPI goals with this six-step process: Identify your target KPIs — “We want to reduce our average handle time.”.

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Putting Humanity in Contact Centers

Customer Relationship Metrics

Think about the evaluation, the calibration, and the coaching. During the Survey Calibration process, those survey results would be moved from Suzie to Johnny where they should be based on the customer’s comments. Simply said, Survey Calibration is a process within any survey program where the data is sanitized to ensure accuracy.

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The Coming Disruption of the Contact Center Outsourcing Industry

Taylor Reach Group

The CCO’s employ forecasts which are matched to the contractual KPI’s, most commonly, Service Level (the percentage of contacts answered within a specified time-period, which often varies by channel), Average Handle Time and Abandon rate. Internally the quality assessors can calibrate between themselves.