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How to Improve Call Center Agent Productivity


For example, if 20 calls to a contact center out of 200 are hang-ups, the abandonment rate is 10%. Call abandonment often occurs because customers become frustrated with long wait times. If we’re honest, most customers don’t like waiting, period. The Executive Guide to Improving 6 Call Center Metrics.

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5 Ways To Optimize Call Abandonment Rate For Contact Centers


The abandoned call rate represents the proportion of abandoned calls compared to the total number of calls made. Depending on the source of the call, your agents employ a variety of strategies to reduce call abandonment. Here are 5 ways to optimize the call abandonment rate.


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5 Tips to Improve Abandon Rates for Your Contact Center


Abandon rate is the percentage of callers hanging up before speaking to an agent compared to the total number of incoming calls. Call center abandoned rates are calculated by dividing the total abandoned calls by the total number of calls.

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How to Reduce Customer Queue Time (Without More Hiring)


In fact, two out of three will hang up the phone if a human hasn’t responded to their call within two minutes. And you don’t need me to explain the consequences of those abandoned calls. But what can you do to drive queue times down when your hiring budget isn’t going up?

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Are You Ready for Seasonality to Strike? How to Keep Customers Happy and Build Flexibility into your Operations During the Holidays


Be clear and upfront with your agents about this ahead of time , so they have time to plan around any blackout dates. Let your customers know there’s a potential for longer wait times or resolutions. While high wait times might not be typical of your contact center, seasonal spikes can send your metrics off the charts.

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The Complete Guide to Visual IVR


To lower costs and ease the burden off your agents, visual IVR work with chatbots and intuitive AI technology to answer commonly asked customer questions and encourage customers to use self-service channels, such as an online knowledge base or FAQ. Optimizing your visual IVR is important for many reasons.

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10 Tips for Handling the Holiday Returns Rush in Your Call Center


Redirect callers to a knowledge base. By providing a comprehensive knowledge base on your website you will significantly help to reduce call volume. In order to help reduce call volume even more, record instructions in your waiting queue and IVR to help callers navigate to your knowledge base.