Serving as a Real Kitty: How to Give Authentic Customer Service

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As we celebrate Customer Service Week, Chip Bell reflects on how we can bring more authenticity to the workplace all year round. Scripts, protocols, rules, and regulations often keep front-line service people in a less-than-authentic stance. What can you do to help surface and support the “real kitty” in all your associates – not just this Customer Service Week, but all year round? Customer Service Articles

Coronavirus is Transforming Every Aspect of Customer Experience


Policies and procedures are changing from day to day and customer service teams are just trying to keep up with growing customer concerns around the virus. Through all of this, customers still expect a high quality of service and to receive information that is relevant to their circumstance, timely and of course correct. These can provide a high quality of service with real-time customer conversations but also allow you to enable a workforce from anywhere.

Customer Rage Study Podcast: Interview With Scott Broetzmann and Mary Murcott

Connecting the Dots

This podcast is brought to you by the Center for Services Leadership, a groundbreaking research center in the W.P The Center for Services Leadership provides leading edge research and education in the science of service. Carey Center for Service Leadership. I knew personally, I’ve gone through my own fits of rage from time to time with products or services. The cable companies were not in telephone service, were not in security, were not in wireless service.