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How can energy companies reduce their call waiting times?


According to the snapshot report, being kept waiting to speak to a representative is one of its viewers biggest annoyances. On average, the report stated that the longest wait time was found to be 15 minutes. It cannot be overlooked and has a huge impact on satisfaction results, targets, and even complaint resolutions.

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Customer Complaints: A Guide to Resolving 8 Regular Issues


By effectively resolving complaints with excellent customer service, you retain existing customers and increase customer satisfaction , enhancing the likelihood of future sales from these loyal patrons. Help your business grow Complaint resolution is not just about damage control but also a powerful tool for business expansion.


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4 Things Your Customers Shouldn’t Have to Wait for and Why They’re So Important

CSM Magazine

Customer Support and Complaints Resolution. In the days – or even months – following the successful fulfilment of a transaction, your customers may have questions or complaints that require urgent attention. Delivering as promised isn’t the end of the road by any means.

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Simple Yet Efficient Complaint Management Strategies

Wowdesk Blog

The customers in today’s times are aware. That being said, they are well aware of their legal rights when it comes to lodging a complaint. Additionally, your business relationship strongly depends on your complaint resolution skills. Let’s dig in further to understand how you can do it right.

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Conversational AI: Everything You Need to Know for Your Contact Center


And if you’re still relying on a traditional contact center model with long wait times, scripted interactions, and frustrated customers, your business is destined to lose a lot of customers, and concurrently, money. How Does Conversational AI Work? Now, let’s explore the theory behind conversational AI.

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Improve Your Call Center’s Efficiency with a Dialer CRM


In advanced cases, skill-based routing funnels customers to specific agents on the first call, reducing wait times and improving the customer experience. Improve KPI Reporting Key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics provide managers with real-time insights into calls, customers, agents, and entire sales teams.

CRM 52
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An Interview With John Goodman: Father of the Customer Care Revolution

Connecting the Dots

A little more than forty years ago, the marketplace was very different from todays, with little to no attention paid to customer care and complaint resolution. Finally, many consumers dread phone trees, the wait time in the queue, and reaching someone with a heavy accent who may have no cultural frame of reference.