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How Self-Service Options Enhance Customer Experience


Utilizing self-service options can help save your agents’ time and provide a better experience for your customers. 5 Types of Self-Service Options Self-service options allow customers to find answers to their questions or concerns without having to speak with a live agent.

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Reporting on Bots – Why It’s as Bad as IVRs Ever Were

Upstream Works

As a result, it is difficult to gauge the success of a chatbot in interacting with and meeting the needs of customers. To understand this issue, it’s helpful to look back at the history of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. As a result, the same IVR reporting problem exists today with CAI.


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The Definitive Guide: IVA vs IVR and What’s Right for Your Contact Center


When it comes to customer service, businesses have a variety of tools at their disposal to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible. Two popular options are Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA). Let’s break down the difference between IVR and IVA. Available 24/7.

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What Is Conversational IVR & Its Difference From Standard IVR?


A standard IVR is frustrating for about 46% of the callers , who say that the unending, pre-recorded IVRs are a terrible experience. Thankfully, with conversational AI-based IVRs, you can turn this metric around for your customers. There is more to conversational AI IVR than just that – which is what this blog is about.

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How Does Adopting Contact Center Self-Service Get You $7.91?


Self-service support seems too good to be true. Most of the time you can set up knowledge bases and chatbots in a matter of days or weeks. And, with the right tools, it’s easy to offer phone-based self-service support too. And, with the right tools, it’s easy to offer phone-based self-service support too.

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Empower Customers With Self-Service Blog #2

Enghouse Interactive

It’s Not an Option – It’s Expected (Blog Series). Register for our upcoming webinar “When, How and Why Customers Self-Help” with Steve Morrell, Managing Director and Principal Analyst of Contact Babel and John Cray, Vice President – Product Management, Enghouse Interactive. Digital literacy is the new normal.

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5 Recommendations to Evaluate Your Chatbots and IVR for Elevated CX

NICE inContact

But even if you’re already evaluating your chat and email interactions, you may need to expand your QM program to address an even bigger gap in the customer experience — your online assistants/chatbots and IVR. 3) Determine frequency of evaluation. 4) Create a feedback mechanism.