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Building Your Best Culture in 2019

CX Accelerator

So if keeping a schedule is relevant and a common challenge, the team members might explain what they see is the most helpful way for their boss to hold them accountable and help them succeed. one day, you need to talk to someone about schedule adherence b/c service levels are rough but the next day they are being told to take it easy…) For some leaders, finding an appropriate balance is really hard.

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WFM ROI: Why You Need Workforce Management Software Now


Time is money” is a phrase attributed to Benjamin Franklin, first appearing in The American Instructor , a book published in 1748. For contact center managers, this phrase rings in their heads each time they create a forecast, build a schedule, or track schedule adherence. .


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How to Take Your WFM to the Next Level

Call Design

If you’ve been in the contact centre space for more than a few hours, you’ve likely heard some version of the unofficial motto “Connecting the right interaction, to the right agent, at the right time.” Maybe you understand this, but you still find yourself having to choose who gets time off.

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Workforce Management Guide for Contact Center Leaders (& Why it’s Important)


For this reason, workforce management has become a core focus of discussion amongst leaders looking to take their contact centers to the next level. However, a recent study highlighted that more than 69% of businesses still have no cross-channel workforce management solution in place. Which workforce management processes and solutions drive rapid decision making and contact center productivity? What is Workforce Management? Field service management.

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International Contact Centre Operations Tips & Best Practices


Read on to learn how your international contact centre can approach agent management optimisation, procedural improvements and more. Agent Management Tips for International Call Centres. “Hiring is only a very small part of successful call center management.

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Contact Center Metrics, Why Do They Matter?

Taylor Reach Group

If we generated every possible report, not only would we never have enough time to read, review and understand the reports, but we would likely increase confusion and ambiguity regarding the centers’ performance. We are all familiar with the maxim that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”, and it is certainly true. Management and their immediate Team Leaders define what those performance standards are. Login time. Available time. Busy/Not ready time.

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Call center optimization: 5 methods to improve call center performance

Dialer 360

Call center KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are one of the most important factors when you do call center performance management. It monitors the average amount of time it takes for your call center agent to respond to an incoming call. Better results come from shorter response times.

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Small Business Call Center Software Solutions

Noble Systems

This is especially true for managing customer contacts, which, while vital to growing a business, can have negative impacts if not done well. For managing a large number of outbound contacts, predictive dialers are key. Real-time Agent and Activity Management.