When Adding Call-Backs to Your Call Center, Beware The “Free” Option


Tolerance for long wait times has been getting lower and lower. If the wait is longer than a few minutes, callers will complain to your agents (leading to longer handle times) and they will vent on social media (see onholdwith.com). 2) Reduce Abandon Rates.

TOP 20 Call Center Metrics Managers Can’t Ignore (FREE EBOOK)


Call Abandonment Rate. Average Waiting Time. Occupancy Rate. Average handling time. Transfer rate. Hold time. Contact Rate. Hit Rate. Success Rate. Talk Time. Download Ebook. How to calculate the FCR rate?

Scheduled Call-Backs Are a Call Center Superpower


That means if your hold times are long, your callers have the option to get a call at a later time instead of waiting for an agent. These built-in call-back features work by holding the caller’s place in line (“virtual queuing”) so the total wait time is the same.

6 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Calling Your Contact Center


A poorly designed phone menu can drive customers to be extremely hostile by the time they reach an agent, frustrated enough to repeatedly press ’0′, or irritated to the point of hanging up, then flocking to social media to publicly complain. Long Hold Times. Decrease Handle Time.