Sat.Sep 17, 2022

Our behavior is motivated by what we recall, so how are memories formed? (Memory Mini series 1/3)

Beyond Philosophy

Memory is crucial to customer strategy. Understanding customer behavior requires a fundamental understanding of how we access and use memories in our daily life and how it drives decision making in our actions and even who we decide to trust.

CallMiner Product Innovation Series: September 2022


CallMiner's new Product Innovation Series showcases advancements made to the CallMiner platform. The 2022.09 release introduces new functionality across quality management, language support and more

How to Provide Customer Self-Service on Your Website

CSM Magazine

A website is one of the touchpoints where your customers can interact with your brand or business. It communicates all your products and services to them from a single click on your website. Setting up a website that attracts traffic to your doorstep is a huge undertaking.