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Better Together (Blog#3)

Enghouse Interactive

Trends and Realities of Successful Organizations (Blog Series). In our last blog , we explored how successful companies outperform customer expectations by leveraging video – a communications channel that customers have come to prefer. Blog #3 of 4: Customer-facing agents. Chatbots for Customers (31.0%

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Call Center optimization: Tools and best practices to increase performance


Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI revolutionizes call centers by enabling smarter interactions and predictive insights. Chatbots : AI-powered chatbots handle routine queries, providing quick and accurate responses. A well-calibrated IVR system is the cornerstone for intelligent contact center automation.


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Hyper Efficiency: The Next Frontier in Contact Center Operations Management


An article from Adobe Experience Cloud Blog notes that “Industry benchmarks are metrics a company can use to see how they’re performing compared to other businesses in their industry.” Interactive Voice Response (IVR) : An IVR system allows callers to self-serve through automated menus, freeing agents to handle more complex issues.

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A Beginner’s Guide On An Effective Inbound Call Strategy


We’ve seen businesses improve agent engagement by making individual performance stats available on agent dashboards and by the gamification of specific agent behaviors. Some companies even use call center gamification as an incentive system for performance. This may help them with benchmarking and goal setting.

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Our Contact Center Megatrend Predictions for 2023


Conversational AI Modern conversational AI applications are a far cry from the simple, if somewhat clunky, chatbots and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems of the past. The end result; happy customers, stronger brand.

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Advanced Call Center Technologies: Current Trends and Best Practices


If an interactive voice response (IVR) system can take care of them, it saves your call center time and money. A combination of IVR and agent interaction is a call center best practice when it comes to technology. Gamification. And gamification is a great way to do that. .

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Conversational AI in the Contact Centre

Creative Virtual

Conversational AI is increasingly an important piece of these initiatives with chatbots and virtual agents becoming essential tools for providing 24/7 self-service to digital customers. Chatbots are more than customer self-service tools. Not all chatbots are designed for the contact centre.