Mon.Dec 25, 2023

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How to Know What Your Customers Want


Top Takeaways: The customer’s perception matters most. Never assume you know what your customer wants without looking at data. Even the most passionate organizations can misinterpret customer behavior, so always rely on data to make decisions. Embrace continuous improvement. Once you find success, it doesn’t mean you should stop. Keep learning and looking for changes to enhance the customer experience.

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Behind the Scenes Look at a Key Account Manager’s Day

Kapta Customer Success

The key account management role is misunderstood. Nobody seems to know what we do every day. It’s common for people within an organization to think we are glorified support, some flavor of a sales team, or a marketing team. But nothing could be further from the truth! And this misconception is painfully telling of the communication in the organization about how we're supporting and understanding our customers.