Sat.Jun 03, 2023

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This is how to impress your boss and a Business case for change accepted

Beyond Philosophy

Getting your new program initiatives accepted requires overcoming a lot. So, to help you get that done—and impress your boss doing it—you need to have a winning strategy. The corporate budget is a funny thing. Getting approval on a budget in the corporate world doesn’t mean you get to spend it. Quite the contrary. You often have to get the budget approved for what you might spend and then when you want to spend it, you get approval again.

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ChatGPT – Only as Good as the Human Vetting It

Anexa BPO

There is a lot of built-up excitement out there around generative AI tools – particularly ChatGPT. The business world is convinced that these types of resources will transform the CX landscape. And while the hype is valid and exists for a reason, scratching beneath the shiny surface reveals some issues with this kind of thinking – specifically the fact that CX = customer service – nothing more, nothing less.