The Customer Contact Central Stay At Home Reading List

In April 2020, we reached out to our subscribers and asked for book, ebook, and article recommendations so that we could create a reading list that would be useful during your time at home. We hope this list will help you find something new to read and give you useful knowledge to help you grow in your professional life!


The Noticer, Andy Andrews.

“Life changing – well yes!” -Peter McGarahan

The Age of Intent, PV Kannan.

“This book provides critical insights on Chatbots and Machine learning in the Contact Center space.” -Michael Rollins

Contact Center Management on Fast Forward, Brad Cleveland.

“The contact centers I work with are bobbing and weaving to keep up with almost-daily changes - CCMFF helps us keep our heads on straight, so we stay focused on our customers and leverage our resources. Lots of new books come and go on my list, but Contact Center Management on Fast Forward is one resource I go back to again and again.” -Rebecca Gibson

The Experience Economy, B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore.