Service Levels: Why They Suffer, and What You Can Do About It

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Service level is just one element that contributes to a customer’s positive call center experience – but it’s an important one. Faulty Forecast If call volume or call patterns are different than what was anticipated, it will affect service level.

Contact Center Metrics, Why Do They Matter?

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If we generated every possible report, not only would we never have enough time to read, review and understand the reports, but we would likely increase confusion and ambiguity regarding the centers’ performance. We are all familiar with the maxim that “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”, and it is certainly true. Organizational reporting, by its very nature, aggregates the performance below the organizational level. Login time. Available time.

Keep calm and carry on: 5 Reasons for Intraday Scheduling in Contact Centers


Dave Hoekstra of Teleopti outlines 5 reasons to invest in real-time management to balance the workload, achieve service levels and mop-up agent idle time. Intraday Management? Real-Time Management?

Back to School: Will Your Customer Experience Make the Grade?


As a parent, this is a time of mixed emotions for me. And while now is a busy time for many contact centers, fluctuations in business volume can come throughout the year. But striking the balance of maintaining high service levels while controlling costs is tricky.

Setting Up a Business with a Strong Customer Focus from the Outset

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Whilst it may not appear to be the most important focus so early on, putting in place effective administrative processes and supporting systems is essential to healthy, stable growth and will reduce the potential for negatively impacting your customer service level. Time Management.

The Intraday Story – Four Reasons to Think Again about Real-Time

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Whether it’s called real-time or intraday management, real-time is back on the contact centre agenda with a vengeance. Technology is a powerful enabler and offers the solution to the complexity and time-consuming nature of real-time management.

Steps To Create Effective Call Center Scheduling For Productivity

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Whereas, workforce management is an essential part of this industry. Several reps managers factor into account forecasting results and reps availability. It does matter if and where event to like break, or lunch timings training occurs. Hiring And Part Time Staff.

Tortoise or Hare – Which One Best Describes Your Contact Center?

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oz contact centers are sometimes too efficient for their own good leading to poor customer service and high agent attrition rates. It’s time to introduce a ‘less haste, more speed’ culture supported by the latest technology. management (WFM). Customer Service Articles

What Support Metrics Should SaaS Companies be Using?


TTFR – So many acronyms, so little time! As a support team manager, you’re already wearing a ton of hats – bet you didn’t think data wizard would be one of them, huh? But this is your life as a manager developing a SaaS customer support model that scales. First response time.

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