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Customer Success Dashboard KPIs: Nine CS Metrics To Track


Customer Success Dashboard Metrics: Nine Top KPIs You Need to Monitor. But the number of customer success metrics SaaS providers can track is extensive. First, we’ll clarify what a customer success dashboard is and why it’s essential for your CS strategy. Identifying opportunities for upsells and referrals.

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Why Customer Expansion Should Be A Critical Component of Your Growth Strategy


Did you know that 70% of revenue in a subscription-based business comes from existing customer renewals and upsells? In order to ensure renewals and maximize upsell opportunities, it’s important to consistently provide value throughout the entire customer journey. Customer Expansion at its Core .

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Create a Winning Customer Engagement Strategy


A customer engagement strategy is vital to increasing customer loyalty and driving revenue. You must plan, think creatively, and understand your customers to build your strategy. You must plan, think creatively, and understand your customers to build your strategy. In This Article: What Is a Customer Engagement Strategy?

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How Do You Upsell an Existing Customer?

Satrix Solutions

Driving revenue can take on many shapes and forms, with upselling to existing customers being an important contributor to growing profits. The main draw for upselling to existing customers is that it provides a new revenue stream with no (or minimal) additional customer acquisition cost (CAC) that obtaining new accounts require.

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Sales Training Metrics That Matter

Integrity Solutions

Here are the sales training metrics you should be using to measure your success. Let’s take a closer look at how you can pinpoint the metrics that will be useful and tell an accurate story of your sales training ROI. How to Determine Sales Training Metrics.

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Key SaaS Metrics that Matter

CSM Practice

One of the best ways to grow your business is to track several customer success metrics and use this SaaS valuation data to make effective decisions. If you’re wondering what kind of data to collect, these metrics will help you measure customer satisfaction levels and develop strong retention strategies.

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Top 6 Tips for a Successful SaaS Customer Engagement Strategy


Six Customer Engagement SaaS Strategies That Work. For software service providers, customer engagement SaaS strategies play a central role in a successful business model. In this article, we’ll offer some tips for a winning customer engagement SaaS strategy. What Is SaaS Customer Engagement?

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