How to Tell if an Outsourced Contact Center Is Right for Your Business

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Should my business outsource its contact center? While there can be clear benefits to outsourcing your customer service or contact center, such as lower labor costs, there are tradeoffs that also need to be considered. So, what are the signs that working with an outsourced contact center might be the right choice for your business? Let’s explore some common business scenarios where outsourcing your contact center is a savvy move. Blog Outsourced Contact Center

4 Ways Contact Centers Make Successful Direct Response Campaigns

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There’s a good reason for this popularity: these kinds of marketing campaigns generate a ton of leads and sales. A great contact center will increase sales and significantly impact your bottom line. The right contact center partner will increase your direct response campaign inbound sales, up-sells, and average order size. It also helps reduce their customer service and retention costs if the contact center is outsourced to nearshore locations.


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Best Telemarketing Companies Focus on Their Niche

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At Quality Contact Solutions, we’ve defined our niche as sales. We exist because the world is driven by sales. Here are a few examples of current B2B outbound, inbound and multi-channel call center client programs: Healthcare Industry Case Study. Program Type: Business to business sales. Contact types: Outbound calls, inbound calls, email contacts. Project scope: QCS conducts business to business sales for this client.

How to Lower Your Customer Acquisition Costs – Without Hurting Customer Experience

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Here are the practices we’ve seen work in our outbound and inbound sales support programs. Each additional touch point adds labor dollars and increases spend on sales and marketing campaigns. By focusing on your ideal customers, your salespeople yield more sales at lower customer acquisition costs. When you know the answers, you can tailor your sales scripts to speak to the heart of your target buyers’ pain points and motivators. Patch the Sales Funnel.

25 Tips & Best Practices for Identifying the Best Call Center Services


Outsourcing a major part of your business is never an easy decision, but operating a contact center requires a significant investment in technology and staffing. For some companies, outsourcing call center services makes sense, while others are better served by keeping call center functions in-house. There are two main reasons for outsourcing, and two types of call centers that can meet those needs. Outbound would be a sales and marketing solution to help your business grow.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Call Center?

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Inbound, Outbound, dedicated or shared resources. Hourly outbound call center pricing. Most call centers will charge for outbound programs on a per hour basis. Inbound call center pricing. Most companies have two separate pricing models for inbound call center outsourcing campaigns; per minute and hourly. Articles Outsourced Telemarketing Telemarketing ServicesBy A.J. Windle, Director of Client Engagement.