Private Equity Firms: 9 Reasons to Include Customer & Employee Feedback in the Acquisition Due Diligence Process


Collecting customer & employee feedback as part of the due diligence process allows astute investors to not only gain an intimate understanding of the needs and unique characteristics of an acquisition company’s target customer population and employee base, but also helps you avoid that “Oh $#*!”

Is Your Customer Segmentation Too Basic?


Identifying revenue and customer risk. For example, other teams can benefit from: Creating a feedback loop to let sales know the right-customers who will be long-term successes with your product. Benefit: Understand the revenue potential within your customer base.

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Laying the Groundwork for Omni-Channel Customer Experiences

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If they were to become more dependable customers, however, they could substantially impact company revenues. These travelers likely can offer a substantial upside revenue potential with just an average of one additional booking.

DMG Consulting Releases 2017-2018 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report


Poised for rapid growth and success, untapped revenue potential in the tens of billions. DMG estimates that the revenue size of the cloud-based contact center infrastructure market was at least $2.8 billion (excluding carrier revenue) as of the end of 2016. of total contact center seats, so the revenue potential of this market is in the tens of billions. DMG Consulting Releases 2017-2018 Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Report.

CRM, Social Media, Marketing and More — Everything You Need to Know About Customer Engagement Software


But how were companies to manage, track, and convert an ever-growing number of interactions into revenue? Feedback is easier than ever to collect, and customer demands (although ever-growing) are becoming easier to identify and meet.

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