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Why is my smart device making me feel dumb? The challenges of onboarding IoT devices


According to a recent survey by TechSee, 76% of customers prefer self-installation for home electronic devices, and visual guidance has emerged as the solution of choice for the majority of customers. Companies have taken notice of consumer preference for self-service. Traditional self service.

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How To Evolve Your Customer Engagement Practices To Improve CX, Agent Satisfaction, and Revenue

bold360 Blog

Digital-first customer engagement has never been more important than today, especially amidst a business landscape shaped by COVID-19 where the majority of customers are working remotely, purchasing products online, streaming entertainment, and engaging with brands from their homes. Self-service tools help drive digital-first CE.


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2021: The Year of the Contact Center

DMG Consulting

Everything that could go virtual did, and the businesses that had this option were the lucky ones, unlike some of their peers in the entertainment and retail world. . After the pandemic is over, are you going to have some/all contact center/customer service employees work from home? of respondents. of respondents. of respondents.

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100+ Customer Experience Stats to Prepare for 2023


Martech Alliance, 2021) Nearly half (48%) of survey respondents said the customer experience they deliver falls below or significantly below their customers’ expectations. Gartner, 2021) 8 in 10 consumers report that businesses are meeting or exceeding their expectations for service, compared to 67 percent in 2014.

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What Covid-19 has Taught Telecoms about Customer Experience Management


As a result, there are certain customer experience requirements that have come to the fore and if telecom service providers are lax in meeting them in any way, they face certain business risks. . This would be a wrong assumption. Do customers think switching Telecom providers is easy? . . .

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Websites lead the way for UK customer service


The web, in the form of help and self service has remained on top throughout that time and continued to improve between 2015 and 2016. So for example 11% of the brands evaluated scored a maximum 100% by answering all questions successfully, while 10% of those surveyed managed to answer only 40% or less.

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17 Surprising Stats About Call Centers


With the “era of the customer” in full swing; the increase in customer expectation for omnichannel communication; and the never-ending developments in communication methods through AI-powered self-service; it is easy to overlook the importance that the call center plays in the customer experience. This is listed by 34% of U.S.