What is IVR?


IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a system that reads out a menu or list of options during a phone call, and depending on the input (keypress made by the caller) received, redirects the call to the next level of menu options or to the right person. Your interaction will become very monotonous if your IVR greeting is too long. Do not present the action to be taken before reading out the menu — for example, ‘Press 1 for customer service’.

3 ways to transform banking through automation


Welcome to open banking Accenture projects open banking-related services already account for 7% of total banking revenue in 2020. Many industry executives already look at open banking as an accelerating trend in financial services.


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2021: The Year of the Contact Center

DMG Consulting

The world has changed in the past year, in many cases for the better, and so must businesses and their service organizations. Everything that could go virtual did, and the businesses that had this option were the lucky ones, unlike some of their peers in the entertainment and retail world. .

Contact center customization when it matters most


This is largely due to complex and inflexible tools that are difficult to customize and require IT resources, developers or professional services to build and manage.

Vital CX lessons from 3 Fortune 500 companies


Observing how the biggest companies in the world provide customer service can help your business reach new heights. Here's a closer look at how three Fortune 500 companies approach customer service and the vital lessons you can learn. In under 20 years, Netflix has grown from a DVD rental service to one of the biggest creators and distributors of TV and film on the planet with over 100 million subscribers. How Netflix approaches customer service.

25 Call Center Leaders Share the Most Effective Ways to Boost Contact Center Efficiency


Find out what you can do today to boost efficiency and improve call center performance by reading our pros’ responses below. If customers are being sent to the wrong department, then they tied up customer service personnel from helping the right people. Being responsive and getting back to potential customers in a timely manner. Discover and provide purpose/meaning … set quarterly goals outside of day-to-day responsibilities. Customer service diminishes.