Guest Blog: 7 Effective Ways HR Tech Improves Employee Engagement


This week we feature an article by Linda Ginac who shares effective HR tech solutions that help companies focus on employee engagement. – Shep Hyken. Now more than ever, a high level of employee engagement is necessary to thrive, but improvements in this area are not always simple.

How to Create Employee Engagement Surveys That Get Honest Answers


Although there are many ways to measure engagement and morale in the workplace, the most accurate way to know is to ask people directly. Employee engagement surveys let you get the information straight from your team, while maintaining the honesty and privacy of each team member.

Employee Engagement: Why is it Important?

Call Center Weekly

By Jacqueline Santiago Every employer should know they are at risk of high employee turnover, which is why employee engagement is so important. Implementing strategies is more than just providing surveys. You must make employee engagement a primary focus, on a daily basis.

Fabulous 10 Ideas to Develop Employee Engagement in the Call Center

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Call center team engagement isn’t a science. These are engaging an organization’s talent. At the essential part of rep’s engagement is similar to any industry. They are failing to offer an engaging, challenging and attractive workplace.

Employee Ambassadorship: CX Focus Built On Neither Employee Satisfaction Nor Employee Engagement

Beyond Philosophy

Whenever the subject of employee satisfaction and engagement arises, it is often difficult to differentiate between them. If you believe that “a satisfied employee IS an engaged employee.” Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

Report: Employee Engagement Competency & Maturity, 2018

Customer Experience Matters

We just published a Temkin Group report, Employee Engagement Competency & Maturity, 2018. Here’s the executive summary of this annual review of employee engagement activities, competencies, and maturity levels for large companies: To understand how companies are engaging their employees, we surveyed 178 large companies and compared their responses with similar studies we’ve conducted in previous years.

3 Questions That Get to the Heart of Employee Engagement

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We’d all like to have an employee like Nicky, who goes beyond the basics and is enthusiastically bought-in to serving customers. An employee who takes pride in their job, and brings a bit of their personality to work. The employee needs to understand that definition.

Employee Engagement: A Confluence of Passion and Purpose

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Image courtesy of Pixabay Why is it so difficult to understand what employee engagement is all about? It's great that there's an ongoing spotlight on employee engagement because it's still at an all-time low. What is Employee Engagement?

3 Keys to Employee Engagement from Coach K

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Do you ever find yourself looking to various sports for examples that you can use to improve employee engagement? GET the 99 Employee Engagement Statistics ebook and see our tribute to another Hall of Fame Coach John Wooden.

Six Rules for Smart Simplicity and Employee Engagement

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Is this the secret to employee engagement? In his talk, he poses a question, a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation, something along the lines of: Does being less engaged make employees less productive. I would equate this to employee ownership.

11 Proven Approaches to Customer Feedback Employee Engagement


Customer feedback and the Net Promoter® process can drive customer engagement and improvement in your business but only if you first engage your employees. Introduce Employee NPS® (eNPS). Employee NPS is an operational measure, just like NPS.

Top 5 Posts in July

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Our most-read posts in July included something for everyone—including insightful suggestions for improving employee engagement by top industry leaders; a two-step process to help you stay on target to meet monthly or weekly service level goals; a look at how customer experience is driving new levels of business growth; why customer satisfaction survey data isn’t […].

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of November 26, 2018


Busting 3 Massive Myths About Employee Engagement by Christine Comaford. Forbes) There’s a lot of buzz about employee engagement these days. But the sad truth is that engagement stats worldwide are still dreadfully low. CMSWire) Take your survey?

Top Pillars of a Successful Employee Feedback Survey

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Employee engagement and loyalty are vital to any business’ success. But if you’re not capturing employee feedback , be it from engagement surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, or opinion-type surveys, you’re missing out. Employee Engagement

How Do You Get Employees to Take a Survey?

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Employee feedback surveys are increasingly being used to guide management decisions. And it’s important to recognize that value obtained from an employee survey is a direct result of how well the survey process is designed and implemented. Offer employees anonymity.

10 Ways to Reduce Call Center Attrition and Improve Agent Engagement


Call center agents and employees have high rates of burnout, poor performance, turnover and many ask why. There are call centers that truly understand the challenging work of agents, and recognize ways to engage and inspire agents to counter the undesirable impacts. By Francis Cyriac.

The Inextricable Link Between CX & EX

Customer Experience Matters

If you’ve followed our research, then you know that we’ve always viewed employee engagement as a fundamental component of customer experience. One of our Six Laws of Customer Experience is that “Unengaged employees don’t create engaged customers.” How can you possibly expect to consistently deliver great customer experience with apathetic or disengaged employees?!?!

10 Silos Impact Customer Experience


This might be the highest-ROI effort of your customer experience council, chief customer officer, chief operating officer — or better yet, every employee. And the pain of business silos is well-known to everyone, whether employee or customer.

The Age of Agent Engagement


Today, we released part 2 of our Agent Experience Survey focusing on an essential part of any successful contact center: agent engagement. In this report, we dive deeper into the idea of engagement answering key questions like: How does employee engagement influence job satisfaction?

Why Customer Experience Excellence Requires HR Engagement


Why Customer Experience Excellence Requires HR Engagement. And it’s commonly accepted that engaged employees are a prerequisite to high-value, engaged customers. Make sure employees buy into the Why not just the What. Customers First, or Employees First ?

What Kind of Customer Experience Leader Do You Need to Be?


Maybe you’re a survey pro or a journey mapping guide, but only when your regular duties allow. Blog Customer Experience CX Day data employee engagement innovation leadership metrics success

How Human Resources Can Add Value to Customer Experience Excellence


Developing and recognizing employees. Part 2 of this article revisits a #CXO chat on twitter where ideas were discussed on how HR can expand value to the company’s CX goals by facilitating knowledge management, employee engagement, and cross-functional collaboration.

When B2B and B2C Key Performance Metrics Flatline….

Beyond Philosophy

Web-based survey invitations were sent to the company’s current customers. Close to 1,000 survey responses were received. The next step in analysis and guidance to the company was to identify which tactics, diagnostics in the survey, could move the organization’s customers to a more bonded state. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC, is Thought Leadership Principal for Beyond Philosophy.

B2C 221

Ask and Listen to Your Team

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It seems ridiculous when you say it that way, but Forbes reported in October 2017 that fully 70 percent of workplace initiative falls short of the goal due to a lack of employee engagement. Managers who learn to listen see increased employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity.

Giving Employees a Voice with Internal Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions


It’s 2018, and businesses are finally waking up to the realization that happy employees make for happy customers – which make for happy businesses and shareholders. There’s huge benefits from acting to make sure your employees are happy and engaged. Who Will You Be Surveying?

The High Cost of Poor Workplace Culture

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And this, as stated by my friend, is where the problem lies… decent and hardworking employees like me leaving companies because they do not empower or appreciate us. We don’t have any programs, surveys or data proving our customers find our service strong.

You are Doing First Call Resolution Wrong

Customer Relationship Metrics

Over the past year, one contact center committed to changing the way in which we managed their hosted post-call IVR survey program. Upon my recommendation, they changed the focus from passively receiving the results into proactively coaching to the customer surveys results.

How to Improve Your Employee Net Promoter Score

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Rather than finding out how employees feel about working for your company at the water cooler, why not go directly to the source and ask? A measurement tool like Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a simple yet informative way to measure and improve employee loyalty and engagement.

The Digital Workplace in 2019

Creative Virtual

In the survey results published by at the end of 2018, 79% of Human Resources (HR) professionals responded that chatbots and virtual assistants will become an increasingly viable way for employees to get real-time answers to their HR-related questions. Creative Virtual Founder & CEO, Chris Ezekiel, was one of the expert speakers and shared insights and live demonstrations of conversational AI solutions for employee engagement. By Liam Ryan, Sales Director.

3 Types of Customer Experience Action Essential to ROI


Closing the loop with a customer about a low rating on a survey or an issue they've contacted the company about is in almost everyone's recipe for customer experience improvement. Employee Engagement: Living Your Brand Promise.

Agent Empowerment: Putting Firstline Employees First in the Contact Center

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But despite innovations like omnichannel and artificial intelligence, the importance of providing firstline employees with the tools to deliver optimal customer experiences has not changed. Moreover, employee retention on the front line continues to be a problem.

Two Questions Every Customer Service Manager Should Be Asking Everyday

Bill Quiseng

Your most important assets are not your customers and your employees. It’s how your customers and your employees feel about your company. Happy employees are inclined to go above and beyond for your customers. You can’t satisfy customers with disengaged employees.

Gamify Onboarding to Win the Battle Over New Hire Retention

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New employees want to get up to speed quickly on the company’s products, processes and people. Employers also want to engage new employees in the corporate culture and keep the onboarding process from becoming tedious to ensure they stay with the company.

What Kind of Customer Experience Leader Do You Need to Be?


Maybe you’re a survey pro or a journey mapping guide, but only when your regular duties allow. Blog Customer Experience CX Day data employee engagement innovation leadership metrics successThe job descriptions for a customer experience leader vary between tactical analyst and strategic overlord. Defining just what a customer experience leader does can be tricky. But what’s even trickier is when you may not have customer experience or customer insights in your title.

Customer-Centric Cultures are Made of This

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Over the past couple of months I have noticed that members in both of these associations have been seeking even more (above the normal) solutions to increase employee engagement in the context of building more customer–centric cultures. Courtesy of

How to Improve Interdepartmental Relationships

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Dan reaches out to his internal Account team leadership and asks where this information might reside and how he can access it to link to his survey results. The Interdepartmental Survey. Employee Engagement interdepartmental communication

Guest Blog: Left Brain, Right Brain: Aligning Internal Culture and Customer Analytics


If the culture is misaligned, though – if priorities are skewed, if there is distrust between leadership and employees, if there are significant obstacles to cooperation across departments, if employees don’t feel valued and morale is low – the impact on customer service is direct and immediate.

Breaking Down Silos for Customer Experience Management


Accurate understanding of customer experience: Customers’ stories about what matters to them, what’s helpful and what’s a hassle are eye-opening for employees, especially those employees who do not interface with customers. Customers First, or Employees First ?

Gathering Customer Feedback Through the Lens of Frontline Employees

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When it comes to delivering exceptional customer service experiences, frontline employees play a critical role. As a former frontline facing employee, I’d like to share a story about a time I worked for an office furniture company. Employee Opinion Surveys.

How to Encourage Employees to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences

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Still, how can you make the process more meaningful for employees as well as improve their understanding of how they affect the customer experience? Aligning Employees Through “Line of Sight”. Employee Engagement