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Contact Center Pipeline

Publisher’s note: Rob has kindly written and expanded on this article for Contact Center Pipeline he first wrote and published on LinkedIn titled “Where Have all the People Gone?” The COVID-19 pandemia have changed the business landscape in countless ways.

Call Center Metrics and KPIs to Measure Performance and Productivity


There is a great deal of debate about what metrics call centers should measure now, especially with COVID-19 and the accompanying shift to work-at-home agents, staffing shortages, and persistent supply chain issues straining customers’ patience.

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The implications of the Long Tail in todays environment

Beyond Philosophy

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25 top sales methodologies and best practices


Read this post to learn tips and best practices for adopting an innovative sales methodology

Customer Satisfaction in the Digital Age

Speaker: Aarde Cosseboom, Contact Center & Customer Experience Advisor and Co-Host of the Another Cloud Podcast

More than ever, we are seeing organizations implement digital channels in an attempt to better engage their customers and help employees sort through the mountains of customer inquiries. But how does this affect customer satisfaction?

5 Contact Management Database Mistakes to Avoid

Contact Center Pipeline

When it comes to managing your contacts, the days of the rolodex and the spreadsheet database are far behind us. Today’s business landscape calls for much more sophisticated solutions, which means having a contact management system that’s robust and feature-rich.

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The Implication of the Long Tail in Today’s Environment

Beyond Philosophy

Netflix has a great show called “The OA,” but you shouldn’t watch it. You will wish you hadn’t if you ignore me and queue it up.

Amazing Business Radio: Deon Nicholas

Shep Hyken

Human-Centered AI. Using AI to Enable and Empower Customer Service Agents. Shep Hyken interviews Deon Nicholas, CEO and Co-Founder of Forethought , a company that builds human-centered AI to transform the customer service experience.

How Contact Centers Can Help Change Lives

Contact Center Pipeline

If you Google prison-staffed call centers, the coverage isn’t good and rightly so. Companies have misused prison labor in the contact center for little more than their own greed. As a result, there is a black cloud that hangs over such contact centers today.

Why Customer Expansion Should Be A Critical Component of Your Growth Strategy


Did you know that 70% of revenue in a subscription-based business comes from existing customer renewals and upsells?

The Inner Circle Guide to Remote & Hybrid Contact Center Solutions

In this handy guide, learn everything you need to build your ultimate contact center—with no walls and no limitations. Empower your agents to serve your customers better, and from anywhere.

What’s More Important, Speed To Lead vs. Contact Rate?


As previously featured in My Mortgage Mindset


3 Benefits of Knowledge Management for Customer Service


Today’s customers increasingly expect personalized experiences from brands, so it is tempting to think that if your customer were having a problem, their first choice would be to get on a live call with customer service. When looking at actual customer behavior, the opposite is true.

For AEC Firm UMC, Robust ROI Follows Fast CRM Implementation

CSM Magazine

For UMC, a century-old construction firm known for taking on some of the most complex, ambitious, and challenging projects in the business, from Seattle’s Space Needle to Amazon’s Spheres, there’s no settling for “good enough.”.

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4 Questions CSMs Should Ask to Gather Quantitative Results 


As a CSM, you work with qualitative and quantitative data when tracking customer success metrics. On the qualitative side, there are indicators such as customer satisfaction, sentiment, and other ad-hoc information that customers share.

The New Digital Landscape for Next-Gen CX

Boost customer satisfaction across all digital channels with this stat-filled guide, which reveals the key ingredients you need to keep all of your customers satisfied.

How Customer Success can transform your SaaS business


This article was originally published on Acquiring new customers is good. But keeping the customers you have is better. With the rise of the SaaS model, retention has dethroned acquisition as the primary means to achieve long-term growth and high valuation.

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How the Right CS Platform Can Help You Do More with Less


Protecting and growing your current customer base should be your top priority right now, but how do you do that when your marketing and sales budgets have been slashed and hiring has stopped? During periods of economic uncertainty, you need to do more with less.

How to Get a Local Phone Number


If you’re looking for a new phone number, you may want to consider getting one with the area code of your business location. Local phone numbers are more credible and let people know your company’s location. But what if you’re using your personal line for work?

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Content Pie#6: How to Get a Job as a Customer Service Representative


Are you considering a career as a customer service representative? There is no better time than now! Believe it or not, the summer season is a great time for finding a new job. Companies aren’t so busy and you have a lot of time to take some rest and prepare for an interview.

CCO + CMO: The Unstoppable Duo of Business Growth

Speaker: Rachel Orston, CCO of SmartRecruiters & Latane Conant, CMO of 6Sense

Join Higher Logic and two leading executives, Latane Conant, CMO at 6Sense, and Rachel Orston, CCO at SmartRecruiters, to get a firsthand look at how marketing and customer success teams can effectively partner to enhance CX and drive growth.

Designing Self-Service for Customer Success


Organizations can make self-service a more desirable option by developing an easy-to-use system that resolves issues efficiently. As opposed to forcing people into channels they don’t want to use.

Dear Nuance Interns,


Growth happens from experience and diving into unknown situations. For most, this summer is your first internship experience, and it may have been nerve-wracking and unknown at the beginning. Take a moment to look back on who you were on the first day of the internship and who you are now.


Better Working With Guru: Free Guides and Checklists


There’s an old saying that the only constant thing in life is change, and your workplace is taking that adage pretty literally lately. It seems like things are in a constant state of change at work, and you can’t help but feel a little burnt out trying to keep up. knowledge management

A Modern-Day Revolution: How AI Could Transform Healthcare


This article originally appeared in VentureBeat. We all know technology is a driver of change. Much of the development and improvements we’ve seen in the healthcare industry today as compared to 20, 10, or even five years ago, have been a direct result of technological innovation.

Winning Solutions to Keep Contact Center Agents Engaged

Speaker: Adam Saad - Founder & CEO, Tech Stack Advising

In order to keep agents both satisfied and engaged, we must develop a plan that both mitigates these concerns with current agents and halts any potential issues that may arise with new hires. These plans must also take into account the different environments and locations your agents may be working in.

4 Reasons Why FinTech Firms Need to Focus on Privacy and Security


Cybercrime is rising in all industries, but its effect is felt acutely among financial firms. The financial sector experienced a significant one-year spike, with 74% of institutions facing a significant rise in threats, while others worried about the future. Digital CX Fintech


Here’s How to Write Effective Call Center Scripts

Quality Contact Solutions

After writing over one thousand call center scripts, we know that there isn’t a single stand-alone ingredient we’d consider the ‘secret sauce’ for creating the perfect script.

Guest Post: 7 Factors Influencing First Call Resolution

Shep Hyken

This week we feature an article by Jason Grills, Customer Support Expert at ProProfs , a company that provides software that empowers organizations to deliver happiness to their customers and employees.

WATCH NOW: Rinchem Takes a Methodical Approach to Cloud Migration


Rinchem is a chemical management solutions provider with plans to grow by 14-19 sites over the next few years. One of its biggest challenges is gaining the stability needed so that it can provide a reliable network and ensure the availability of all services.

Customer Service De-Escalation Techniques

Nobelbiz Guide: Customer Service De-Escalation Techniques

Ready To Use Chatbots? Be Sure You Understand Customer Pain Points First


A Little Empathy Goes a Long Way. Chatbots have come a long way. Usage of this technology, which once handled only a small portion of customer interactions, is growing at a rate of 22.5% per year.

Add conversational AI to any contact center with Amazon Lex and the Amazon Chime SDK

AWS Machine Learning

Customer satisfaction is a potent metric that directly influences the profitability of an organization.

Real Estate Answering Services: How It Helps


For those in the real estate industry, it’s a no-brainer that personable and courteous communication should be prevalent and consistent in order to gain the trust of prospects. Every single interaction should be carefully handled with the goal of building a reputation that people can respect.