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7 Skills Mastered by Successful Contact Center Supervisors

The Call Center School

Five Rules of Customer Observation for Greater Success


One of the best ways to a deeper understanding of your customers is to watch and listen to them whenever you can. Customer observation is a powerful, but unfortunately too often an under-utilised tool of marketers.

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5 steps to creating a customer-driven marketing strategy


Check out our 5 recommendations on how to build a true customer-driven marketing strategy. The post 5 steps to creating a customer-driven marketing strategy appeared first on HelpCrunch blog. Customer service Sales & Marketing

Proactive Customer Support


Just last week I wrote about the concept of predictive customer support. Now, we take a slightly different angle with the concept of proactive customer support. The concept is simple. The company reaches out to the customer before the customer has a chance to reach out to the company.

The Vital Art of Creating Memorable Messaging

Beyond Philosophy

The Vital Art of Creating Memorable Messaging. When we make buying decisions, we usually are choosing from a short list of options. Our memory assembles these options.

Engage Your Agents to Turn Around an Underperforming Contact Center

Contact Center Pipeline

When the team is not performing at expected levels, the troops are gathered together, a rallying speech is given by the supervisor, and after cheerful, optimistic group chatter, everyone breaks and heads back to their assignments.

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5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of July 1, 2019


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. Is Customer Service The Same As Customer Experience?

Customer Service Success Stories: Visual Assistance Saves the Day


Customer service calls are usually pretty routine: customers can’t log in, something isn’t working, they need help setting up a device, or they need clarification on a bill.

Contact Center Pipeline Magazine: Inside Our July 2019 Issue

Contact Center Pipeline

Welcome to summertime and our July issue! Soon we will celebrate one of America’s most cherished holidays, the Fourth of July, or Independence Day, as it’s more formally known. Many of us will gather with family and friends for a backyard barbecue to celebrate with pork and explosives.

The Top 5 Customer-Centric Goals for an Enterprise


These days, customers expect personalized service. Whether they’re shopping for software or a way to increase sales, they expect you to be right there next to them searching for every potential edge that will help them grow their business.

Amazing Business Radio: Adrian Swinscoe


Punk CX with Adrian Swinscoe. Painting Outside the Lines of Customer Service. Shep Hyken interviews Adrian Swinscoe. They discuss his new book, Punk CX , and talk about how to apply punk sensibility to the customer service world.

4 Takeaways from Our Live Discussion on AI and Natural Language Processing [Video]


Last week, Fonolo hosted an insightful live discussion on the current state of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The expert panel discussed how NLP relates to the general field of AI, the pros and cons of different approaches to NLP, and more.

Happy Fourth from Pipeline!

Contact Center Pipeline

We hope that you enjoy your Independence Day celebration—and have a happy and safe 4th of July! Featured


What Are Onstage and Backstage in Customer Experience?

Customers That Stick

Reflecting On 6 Principles Of Success

Experience Matters

Given the recent closing of Temkin Group, it seems like a good time to reflect on what I’ve learned over the last decade or so of building a successful business, creating a world-wide association, and nurturing the CX movement.

Is Packaging Part of Product or Promotion? Should it be Both?


Which did you answer subconsciously when you read the title? Do you consider your packaging to be a part of the product, protecting its contents and framing its on-shelf life?

6 Types of Customer Service and How To Choose The Best


Nowadays, customer service plays a crucial role in the lives of every company. Customers are granted a power of providing an instant complaint that – what’s key – can be seen by anyone on the web!

This Will Be the Year of (Really) Building Rapport with Customers

Myra Golden

For all of my onsite customer service workshops and keynotes, I arrive at least 45 minutes before we start so I can meet and talk to the people who’ll be spending several hours with me. Now I didn’t always do this.

Training Customer Service Reps: Best Practices to Form a Loving and Successful Environment


Good training teaches employees in the customer service realm how to handle complex customer issues in the most efficient and customer-friendly way possible. This is important, as customer service is the touchstone for all kinds of customer-facing interactions.

Totango Product Updates | July 1st, 2019


We know that our customers spend their day to day in Totango Spark. This enables them to stay always up to date with their customer status and goals.

Why Knowledge Management Should Be A Top Budget Priority


Companies that operationalize their knowledge and organizational expertise are not only achieving their strategic objectives, but their financial goals as well. Only a few initiatives are able to truly transform how an organization operates, and knowledge management is one of them.

How to Get Angry, Irate or Unreasonable Customers to Back Down (3 Steps)

Myra Golden

Imagine your next phone call is from an angry, irate customer, and you’ve only got a few seconds to gain control. Are you 100% confident you can handle it? If not, I’ve got the perfect program for you.

Winter is Coming: Prepare For Your Seasonal Rush Now (yes, now)


Just like Jon Snow before an attack on Winterfell, you need to prepare for your seasonal rush so you can thrive instead of just survive the winter. And yes, the battle for outstanding customer service is often just like the stories in Game of Thrones.

Live chat Vs. Chatbots


When it comes to delivering high-quality online customer service, response time is key. Customers want to get their questions answered as quickly as possible and, for that reason, businesses looking to heighten their game will want to provide chatbot or live chat solutions on their websites.

Post-Call Survey


Reflections on a text analytics webinar


Discovering the exciting world of text analytics and artificial intelligence with Keatext and CustomerCount. Continue reading → The post Reflections on a text analytics webinar appeared first on CustomerCount. News Keatext text analytics

AI IRL Podcast Episode 26: How Botsociety’s Innovative Solution is Changing Conversational Design


Subscribe via iTunes , Spotify and more. We often touch on the opportunity to leverage AI to create a better user experience. On the latest episode of AI:IRL , I invited Vittorio Banfi , a great subject-matter expert, to add to that conversation.

How to Ensure Customer Success is a Company-Wide Initiative


If there is one thing customer success professionals know, it’s that ensuring customer satisfaction with a product or solution requires the attention and resources of far more than a single person.

Top 10 Best Practices for Achieving Long-Term Success with Gamification – Part 2

Noble Systems

In Part 1 of this blog series, we discussed the first three of the top 10 best practices for achieving long-term success with gamification.

15 Customer Service Principles You’re Not Aware Of


A couple of months ago I’ve visited a beautiful city of Lisbon along with a few of my closest fellas. As we’ve arrived at the Humberto Delgado Airport we took an Uber to the Airbnb I booked previously. Then upon arrival, I was greeted with this heartwarming sign.

What Happens to Customer Service When Unemployment Hits Historic Lows?


A low unemployment rate is cause for celebration. It means people are working, paying taxes, and bringing home the bacon. That’s why most people see the current 3.6%

Swedish Rail Unifies Contact Center Operations with Cloud

NICE inContact

Every day, 140,000 people depart from one of Swedish Rail’s 284 stations, traveling on one of its 1,200 daily routes between major cities in Sweden and the Scandinavian capitals of Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. In the course of planning and traveling, customers contact Swedish Rail for a variety of reasons, from checking on delayed trains to disturbances on the tracks—volume that rises considerably during bad weather and vacations.

How to Close More Deals with Effective Sales Management?


“Are your agents stuck with manual dialing?” If your agents are trying to reach customers manually then you are losing on the valuable leads that can help you put the best foot forward. So, are you communicating effectively with your customers and delivering personalized services to them?

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Why CrazyCall is The Best Google Voice Alternative [In 2019]


As a small business owner who relies on international calling, you want to find the best solution out there that will help you achieve your business goals. Fortunately or not, there is plenty of solutions that might be a good choice.

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