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The One Where There is No One Ideal Customer


On a recent episode of CX Passport, Elaine Lee, Managing Director of ReynoldsBusbyLee and I discussed how it takes a real understanding of a real customer to know how to deliver the right customer experience.

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What are omnichannel contact center solutions?


It's important for contact centers to meet customers where they are and on their preferred channels. Read this blog to learn more about omnichannel contact center solutions


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4 DOs and 3 DON’Ts for Chatbot Testing Strategies


This article was originally published on Botium’s blog on February 9, 2021, prior to Cyara’s acquisition of Botium. Learn more about Cyara + Botium. A quick summary of 7 important DOs and DON’Ts when designing a chatbot testing strategy.

Who Desperately Needs De-escalation Training?

Myra Golden Media

Like water is to a desert, my De-escalation Academy is to customer support teams who serve challenging customers. That’s right… you NEED DE-ESCALATION training like the Sahara Desert needs a rainstorm! Need I say more? . Head over to De-escalation Academy to learn more! Customer Experience Design

Customer Satisfaction in the Digital Age

Speaker: Aarde Cosseboom, Contact Center & Customer Experience Advisor and Co-Host of the Another Cloud Podcast

More than ever, we are seeing organizations implement digital channels in an attempt to better engage their customers and help employees sort through the mountains of customer inquiries. But how does this affect customer satisfaction?

Work from Home… Are You Sure of the Future?

Contact Center Pipeline

In October 2021 I read that according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), cigarette sales were up for the first time in twenty years. My initial thought was that this was due to Work from Home (WFH).

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Breakthrough thinking: Why do we believe things that are not true?

Beyond Philosophy

Breakthrough thinking: Why do we believe things that are not true? There was a car brand several decades ago in the UK called ŠKODA. It was a terrible car, much like Yugo was in the US. However, they have changed their image and today, my son wants to buy one.

5 Ways Visual Engagement Technology Counters the Rising of Cost of Fuel in Field Service


The rising cost of diesel and gas are hitting the balance sheets of contractors and corporations around the world. This pain is felt particularly acutely in the field service industry, where transportation costs are often considered unavoidable.

Connecting the Machine and Human

Contact Center Pipeline

The “Knowledge Economy” and “Age of Information” dominate all aspects of our society today. Evidence of this is demonstrated through the huge volumes of data and which are now easily accessible through big data type technologies and the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

CallMiner product innovation series: Q1 2022


Read this blog from VP of Product Management, Bruce McMahon, to learn more about the most recent CallMiner updates across the platform, solutions and teams

The Inner Circle Guide to Remote & Hybrid Contact Center Solutions

In this handy guide, learn everything you need to build your ultimate contact center—with no walls and no limitations. Empower your agents to serve your customers better, and from anywhere.

How Customer Loyalty Can Drive B2B SaaS Business Growth


Customer loyalty is a key to repeat business and referral generation for any business model. For B2B SaaS companies, customer loyalty drives subscription renewals and brand advocacy, making it a critical component of a profitable business model.

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The Difference Between Good and Great

Shep Hyken

If you had to have surgery, would you rather go to the most skilled surgeon or the nicest surgeon? . I was at a party the other night and someone I met shared his opinion of the difference between a good doctor and a great doctor. A good doctor makes you well.

How to Build a Top-Performing Sales Development Team?


In this pandemic economy, more businesses are now left asking “how to build an SDR team that performs optimally” So, how do you do it? The business world has proven to be volatile and disruptive.

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The Aircall story, by founders


As we hit the $100 million ARR milestone, co-founders Olivier Pailhes and Jonathan Anguelov share a reflection on the past eight years and what’s to come. We’ve decided to open our books, YES, you read right: We are making Aircall revenue public! .

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The New Digital Landscape for Next-Gen CX

Boost customer satisfaction across all digital channels with this stat-filled guide, which reveals the key ingredients you need to keep all of your customers satisfied.

Case study: How Copper increased retention with community


When Ken Aponte first joined CRM software company Copper back in December 2020 as their VP of Customer Success, he noticed one thing: retention wasn’t where it needed to be.

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Advantages of a Business Telephone System for Growing Your Small Business


Advantages of a Business Telephone System for Growing Your Small Business. In the era of fierce digital competition, communication is the key to success for businesses, especially the small ones.

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Improving the Mortgage Customer Experience: Digital Engagement


Learn how mortgage lenders can maintain digital engagement even when demand for loans is high. The post Improving the Mortgage Customer Experience: Digital Engagement appeared first on Livevox. Customer Experience

3 Cisco Live 2022 Key Takeaways


Last week, my team and I felt really blessed to be able to go to Cisco Live in Las Vegas for the first time in two years — a sentiment that was felt by many of the other conference participants and echoed by Cisco CEO, Chuck Robbins, when he came on stage for the keynote.

CCO + CMO: The Unstoppable Duo of Business Growth

Speaker: Rachel Orston, CCO of SmartRecruiters & Latane Conant, CMO of 6Sense

Join Higher Logic and two leading executives, Latane Conant, CMO at 6Sense, and Rachel Orston, CCO at SmartRecruiters, to get a firsthand look at how marketing and customer success teams can effectively partner to enhance CX and drive growth.

AI Reporting and its Impact on the Agent and Customer Experience

Upstream Works

The implications for artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the contact center are far-ranging, but so are the opportunities. Our recent blog posts have examined several facets here, along with how AI aligns with digital transformation.

Guru Named a G2 Leader in Employee Communications and Knowledge Management


We’re thrilled to share the news that Guru has been named a Leader in five categories in G2’s Summer 2022 Grid Report, earning over 50 badges in total.

Lead Management Software: Buy It or Build It?


If you buy lead management software, make sure that the company you're working with has a good reputation and a history of keeping data safe. The post Lead Management Software: Buy It or Build It? appeared first on Livevox. Digital Transformation Ease of Use

Future of Work Expo - Quick Take and Photos

Jon Arnold

Am back now from last week’s Future of Work Expo in Fort Lauderdale, and from all accounts, it was our best one to date.

Winning Solutions to Keep Contact Center Agents Engaged

Speaker: Adam Saad - Founder & CEO, Tech Stack Advising

In order to keep agents both satisfied and engaged, we must develop a plan that both mitigates these concerns with current agents and halts any potential issues that may arise with new hires. These plans must also take into account the different environments and locations your agents may be working in.

3 Things CMOs Should Do During an Economic Downturn


The primary mission of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is to foster growth, attract new leads, and increase sales by effectively communicating the value the company’s products and services can provide.

Imagining What Great Means for Your Employees + Customers


It all started a couple of years ago with the term “The Great Resignation.” So much has been written on this topic, and an entire cottage industry has been created around it.

The Critical Role of Incident Management in Contact Centers


Do You Have the Plan and Tools You Need? If you could boil down the role of contact center managers to just one job, what would it be? Supervising agents? Ensuring everyone is well trained to handle calls? Keeping the lights on? chatbots contact center incident management

Concierge-Quality Outsourced Services Are Worth the Higher Price Tag


In recent years, more companies have started looking to outsource than ever. As a result, the global outsourcing market has experienced a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5% , with continued expansion on the horizon.

Customer Service De-Escalation Techniques

Nobelbiz Guide: Customer Service De-Escalation Techniques

Aircall exceeds $100 million in annual recurring revenue, and reaches Centaur status


The connected business phone joins a rare breed of businesses, only 8 years after its creation. One year after reaching a $1bn valuation and six years after its 1st million dollar ARR, Aircall reaches centaur status with $100m ARR ( State of the cloud report 2022 – Bessemer Venture Partners ).

Navigating Airlines Travel Experience with the Metaverse

Shep Hyken

This week we feature an article by Prabhjinder Bedi, Chief Growth Officer at Tech Mahindra Business Process Services. He writes about the impact on the customer experience that metaverse will have on the travel industry and how customers and brands will navigate the new developments.

The Ultimate Guide to a Botium Proof of Concept (PoC)


This article was originally published on Botium’s blog on September 11, 2021, prior to Cyara’s acquisition of Botium. Learn more about Cyara + Botium. Does Botium Box meet my requirements? Will it solve my biggest challenges and pain points? Is it worth upgrading my free Botium Box Mini ?